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Straumann® CARES® Options for Straumann® Pro Arch - 3 Pages

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Straumann® CARES® Options for Straumann® Pro Arch

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Implant level CARES® X-Stream™ Implant level CARES® X-Stream™ CARES® Screw-retained restorations Advanced Fixed Bar Full-contour bridge Full-contour bridge X = available (X) = available, but usually not used in this indication SRA = Screw-retained Abutment Additional information * Straumann® CARES® bars and bridges available via Straumann® CARES® Visual and Dental Wings ♦ Straumann® Scan &Shape for screw-retained bars and bridges service only available in USA ♦ one-piece restoration = direct connection of framework to implant or screwed onto abutment ♦ two-piece restoration = additional component (Variobase®) connected with framework 1 available up to 5 units in USA and Canada, FDA approval pending 2 height of full-contour restoration currently limited to 13.8 mm

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Straumann CARES® Options for Edentulous Treatments Bars one-piece CARES® Removable restorations Ackerman Bar® Restoration on implent level Restoration on abutment level (on SRA) on Variobase® Coping (on SRA) on Variobase® Abutment CARES® X-Stream™ Material coron® Titanium Grade 4 3M™ Espe™ Lava™ Plus zirconia polycon® ae ⊠ = available (⊠) = available, but

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Telescopic solutions Screw-retained bridges Createch Screw-retained restorations* Full-arch bridge Restoration on implant level X = available (X) = available, but usually not used in this indication Createch Removable restorations Createch Option for Edentulous Treatments Material Additional information * restorations available for abutment level for the following platforms: Straumann® Multibase, Straumann® Screw-retained Abutment, synOcta® 1.5 Createch may not be available in all countries Dolder® is a registered trademark from Prof. Eugen Dolder, exclusively licenced to Cendres + Metaux...

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