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Straumann® Mini Implant System - 8 Pages

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Straumann® Mini Implant System

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EDENTULOUS PATIENTS Straumann® Pro Arch Edentulous Solutions > Removable Straumann® Mini Implant System Mini Implant. Maximum trust.

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• Increase patient acceptance for implant treatment by eliminating bone augmentation • Offer more quality of life to more edentulous patients • Differentiate your practice with new gold standard material Roxolid® and see an increased practice ­­­­­­­­­­­­re­venue stream • Trust in Mini Implants Straumann® Mini Implant Syst

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Mini Implant. Maximum trust. Smiling, laughing and ­ ating ­ aturally e n add to a quality of life that every ­ ­edentulous patient would love to maintain. Now you can provide edentulous patients presenting reduced horizontal bone availability with a less invasive*, ­ mmediate removable ­ixation of their f overdenture. You and your patients can rely on a trusted brand, premium quality ­ and long-term ­ cientific evidence. Less s invasive* ­treatment plans, faster healing and less post-operative discomfort can help to overcome many patient doubts. ROXOLID® PROVEN QUALITY SLA® LONG-TERM...

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Mini Implant System In combination, the materials PEEK** and ADLC* contribute to: ѹѹ excellent wear resistance ѹѹ exceptional long-term performance ѹѹ low maintenance ѹѹ low friction between abutment and matrix ѹѹ Less space needed Apically tapered implant body design ѹѹ allows underpreparation and supports a high primary stability * ADLC: Amorphous diamond-like carbon ** PEEK: Poly Ether Ether Ketone *** Subject to the guarantee conditions of Institut Straumann AG (see brochure 151.360/en). Matrices and retention inserts are not covered by the guarantee as these are subject to natural wear...

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Roxolid® ѹѹ High material strength and biocompatibility ѹѹ Peace of mind with mini implants Predictability in osseointegration Scientific evidence Low prevalence of peri-implantitis Bone preservation Selection of 6 retention strengths extra light extra strong ultra strong Straumann® Mini Implant System

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Designed to trust ѹѹ Higher mechanical strength compared to titanium¹ ѹѹ The successful use of Roxolid® has been documented in numerous clinical trials with up to 5-year follow-ups² ROXOLID® – PROVEN QUALITY 2.4 mm Straumann® Mini Implant (length 10 mm) Source: data on file, according to ISO 14801, conditions 2016 Straumann® Mini Implants, made from Roxolid® show a 35 % higher fatigue strength than competitor mini implants. SLA® – LONG-TERM SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE ѹѹ High and consistent survival rates between 95.1 % and 98.8 % documented by different studies after 5- and 10-year follow-ups³-⁹...

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OPTILOC® – DURABILITY AND EFFICIENCY ѹѹ Space-saving design ѹѹ Reduced maintenance ѹѹ ADLC in combination with PEEK Combination of ADLC-coated abutment and PEEK ­ etention inserts: A r reliable connection that endures Average retention loss (%) Retention loss after 10’000 cycles of the straight abutment performed in ­ phosphate buffered saline (pH 7.4) at room temperature. Data represents dif­ ference between the basal (100  cycles) and final (10’000 cycles) measurements ­ (Fmax) presented as percentage change (source: ­ traumann, data on file). S TAV²/ PEKK⁶ TiCN⁷/ Nylon TiN⁴/ Nylon Push –...

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STRAUMANN® MINI IMPLANTS ROXOLID® SLA® © Institut Straumann AG, 2018. All rights reserved. Straumann® and/or other trademarks and logos from Straumann® mentioned herein are the trademarks or registered trademarks of Straumann Holding AG and/

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