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Straumann® Soft Tissue Level Implant Line - 16 Pages

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Straumann® Soft Tissue Level Implant Line

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Straumann® Soft Tissue Level Implant Line More than the original design. An efficient system for predictable results.

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Preserving soft and hard tissues around the implant is crucial for the long-term success of implant therapy. How do you ensure optimized biologic factors for maximizing your treatment outcomes? Providing an increasing range of treatment solutions may bring additional complexity within your practice. How do you manage the increasing complexity without compromising on treatment options from both surgical and restorative perspective? Due to increasing life expectancy, dental implant solutions have to last for a long time and work reliably without clinical complications. How can you provide a...

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More than biological key principles. Optimizing crestal bone preservation. The unique design of the Straumann® Soft Tissue Level Implant takes into account the key biological principles of hard and soft tissue healing. Replicating the natural situation of biological width formation is crucial for the health of peri-implant tissues. By preserving the tissues and attachments formed around the implant, the longterm treatment success is ensured and risks of inflammation and bone resorption are significantly reduced.1,2

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BONE CONTROL DESIGN™ CONCEPT Bone Control Design™ labels Straumann® Implant features which have been applied consistently to the Straumann® Dental Implant System. It is built on 5 key factors for bone preservation and thus provides a crucial foundation for esthetic results and long-term success. Implant surface osseoconductivity Microgap control Respecting the biological distance Biomechanical implant design Optimal positioning of smooth and rough surfaces 1. Respecting the biological distance Moving away vertically the microgap from the crest associated with a machined smooth collar...

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More than an implant philosophy. Reducing treatment complexity. Managing complexity within your practice is key to ensure patient treatment with peace of mind. Since it works at soft tissue level and manages the healing of the peri-implant soft tissues by the smooth collar, the Straumann® Soft Tissue Level Implant System offers ease of use and greatly reduced treatment complexity. INTEGRATED SOFT TISSUE MANAGEMENT The Straumann® Soft Tissue Level Implant has a built-in smooth neck that shapes the soft tissue, thus eliminating the need for healing abutments and time-consuming soft tissue...

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EASY TO PLACE, RESTORE AND MAINTAIN The Straumann® Soft Tissue Level System aims to reduce chair time and minimize treatment complexity. Thanks to its unique design, this gives you the advantage to easily access the implant by working at the soft tissue level: ѹѹ Clear view and accessibility of the implant connection, even in the posterior region ѹѹ Efficient workflow with impressions on abutment or implant level ѹѹ Simple abutment placement ѹѹ Easy hygiene maintenance for patients thanks to the height of the smooth collar Treatment workflow on Soft Tissue Level System 3. Placement of the...

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More than the synOcta® connection. A reliable link combining implant and prosthetics. With the increasing life expectancy and expectations from patients, providing proven, long lasting implant solution is crucial. The synOcta® connection is the latest step in the evolution of the Straumann® Soft Tissue Level System. Its uniqueness is in the combination of a taper and an octagon, designed for highest long-term reliability and prosthetic flexibility. PRECISE AND FLEXIBLE POSITIONING WITH THE SYNOCTA® CONNECTION Over time, the system has proven its reliability in an impressive and convincing...

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A SYSTEM DESIGN OF PERFECT HARMONY With the exact knowledge of dimensions and tolerances of its implants, only Straumann is able to offer you a perfectly balanced and reliable fit of Straumann Implants and their corresponding prosthetic components. High-precision manufacturing and an extensively thorough inspection process ensure a consistent quality, allowing us to warrant up to a lifetime guarantee* on our original Straumann components. 1.  Conical screw head 1.  peak stresses, No self-locking effect 2.  Tight conical implant / abutment interface 3. Tension screw 4. Deep implant/­...

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More than a time-tested solution. Highly predictable long term results. With a worldwide clinical success story of more than 40 years and more than 11 million implants sold since 2003, the Straumann® Soft Tissue Level System has been time-tested in a very impressive way. Backed by this long history, the Soft Tissue Level Implant has become one of the best documented and most predictable systems on the market today. PREDICTABILITY IN FULLY EDENTULOUS PATIENTS: 10 YEARS CLINICAL DATA3,4,5 The 10 years prospective clinical data in the edentulous maxilla confirm the high treatment success from...

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PREDICTABILITY IN PARTIALLY EDENTULOUS PATIENTS: 10 YEARS CLINICAL DATA6,7 The 10 years retrospective study on partially edentulous patients demonstrated the high predictable survival and success rates of the Straumann® Soft Tissue Level Implant System: ѹѹ Outstanding high implant survival rate (98.8 %) and success rate of s ­ econdary prosthetic components (97.0 %) after 10 years in function ѹѹ Large cohort with 303 patients and 511 implants ѹѹ No implant fractures could be observed ѹѹ Remarkable low prevalence of peri-implantitis (1.8 %) Implant survival rate (10 years) Success rate of...

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More than a comprehensive portfolio. solution for all your needs. A Enjoy more treatment flexibility for your patients. Choose from a complete range of treatment options to create the optimal tooth replacement outcomes for all indications, from single tooth to fully edentulous. VERSATILE IMPLANTS DESIGN MAXIMIZING TREATMENT­­ LEXIBILITY F The Straumann® Soft Tissue Level Implant line is available with different body designs taking into account the biological principles. This allows for tailored treatment options according to the specific clinical situation, with respect to the fundamentals...

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