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Straumann® Tissue Level Implant System

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Product Information Straumann® Tissue Level Implant System Classic standard for timeless confidence.

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I use the Straumann® Tissue Level Implant in all situations, it is my default system. Over the last ,    1    I"1 20 years, it has provided very good long-term success to my practice. It is simple, straightforward, a win-win solution for all concerned. 2 Straumann® Tissue Level Implant System

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Continuity and success inspiring generations The value of a classic standard is appreciated and shared over generations. It has proven successful innumerable times, gives peace of mind and is constantly refined by passionate people. Unique when launched in 1997, the Straumann® Tissue Level Implant System is now a true standard of excellence in dental implantology. With more than 13  million implants placed since 2003, it has become one of the best documented and most predictable implant systems on the market. A system based on timeless design, continuously reinforced by innovative...

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The perfect match, designed for long-term success. | Reliable Preserving peri-implant health1 ѹѹ Machined collar manages the healing of peri-implant tissue and preserves soft-tissue that forms around the implant during healing phase ѹѹ Built-in emergence profile enhances shaping of soft tissue ѹѹ Implant-abutment interface is positioned above bone level ѹѹ No micro-gaps in the critical healing-zone | Original A perfect fit with original components ѹѹ Knowledge of the exact dimensions and tolerances ѹѹ High-precision manufacturing and an extensive inspection process ensure consistent quality...

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| Versatile A comprehensive solution for every clinical need ѹѹ Wide choice of prosthetic solutions ‒‒ Screw-retained and cement-retained ‒‒ Single and multi-unit ‒‒ From cost-effective to premium ‒‒ For conventional and digital workflows ѹѹ Precise and flexible positioning with the synOcta® connection ‒‒ Internal connection ensures a secure link and protects against rota­ ion t ‒‒ Octagonal shape allows flexible and precise abutment positioning ‒‒ Combination of Morse taper with 8° cone with cold welding ensures reliable vertical positioning ѹѹ Versatile implant options maximize treatment...

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I think the Derks1 study is really fascinating because it looks at the real-world application of an implant. What makes the Derks study important for showcasing the Tissue Level Implant and the health of the peri-implant tissue, is the fact that the bacterial burden is moved away from the bone; as such, you avoid preliminary bone loss around the top of the implant. David French BSc, DDS, Canada.

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A source of confidence. Proven clinical advantages. DESIGNED TO PRESERVE PERI-IMPLANT HEALTH1 Straumann® Tissue Level Implant design takes into account the key biological principles of hard and soft tissue healing. Simulating the natural situation of biological width formation is crucial for the health of peri-implant tissues. Preserving the tissues and attachments formed around the implant helps ensure long-term treatment success and significantly reduces the risk of inflammation and bone resorption.2,3 This iconic design has proven its efficacy and will continue to provide longterm...

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Outstanding performance. Tried. Tested. Trusted. Our Tissue Level Implant has become one of the best documented and most predictable systems on the market today. Trust in its heritage and benefit from our continuous technological improvements: ѹѹ 2006: SLActive® implant surface for extensive healing power ѹѹ 2009: Roxolid® alloy with unrivaled mechanical strength ѹѹ 2012: Narrow Neck CrossFit® Implant for limited interdental spaces RESULTS IN PARTIALLY EDENTULOUS PATIENTS: 10 YEARS OF CLINICAL DATA4,5 The 10-year retrospective study on partially edentulous patients demonstrated high...

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PREDICTABLE OUTCOMES IN FULLY EDENTULOUS PATIENTS: 10 YEARS OF CLINICAL DATA6–8 Ten years of data from prospective clinical studies using the Straumann® Tissue Level System in the edentulous maxilla confirms its high treatment success rate from both a surgical and restorative perspective: ѹѹ High bone stability around the implant after 10 years ѹѹ No implants lost between 5 and 10 years* ѹѹ No fracture of the Straumann® abutments or abutment screws during the 10-year period ѹѹ No evidence of peri-implantitis after 10 years** Mean of marginal bone loss after 10 years (in mm) 0   Tissue Level...

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Ease-of-use and efficiency reduce complexity in your workflow. Placement at tissue level and the machined 45° collar promotes fast healing of the peri-implant soft tissues, making the Straumann® Tissue Level Implant System easy-to-use and beneficial in reducing treatment complexity. EASY TO PLACE EASY TO RESTORE AND MAINTAIN The Straumann® Tissue Level Implant has an integrated tulip-formed, machined collar that shapes the soft tissue around the implant and reduces the need for time-consuming soft tissue management procedures. The transgingival collar minimizes both surgical and prosthetic...

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To find out more about the latest developments on Straumann® Tissue Level Implant System contact your local Straumann® representative now or visit Straumann® Tissue Level Implant System

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International Headquarters Institut Straumann AG Peter Merian-Weg 12 CH-4002 Basel, Switzerland Phone +41 (0)61 965 11 11 Fax +41 (0)61 965 11 01 © Institut Straumann AG, 2016. All rights reserved. Straumann® and/or other trademarks and logos from Straumann® mentioned herein are the trademarks or registered trademarks of Straumann Holding AG and/or its affiliates. 1 Derks J, Schaller D, Hakansson J, Wennstrom JL, Tomasi C, Berglundh T. Effectiveness of Implant Therapy Analyzed in a Swedish Population: Prevalence of Peri-implantitis. J Dent Res. 2016 Jan; 95(1):43-9....

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