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your talent. our technology. the perfect fit. iTero - exclusively distributed in Europe by

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Changing the Face of Dentistry Digital technology ensures a more accurate impression from the start, designed to result in a better-fitting restoration. Predictable, accurate impressions and bite registrations have always been one of the more difficult procedures to perform consistently. A host of variables present daily challenges, making conventional impression taking an inexact science. Percentage of dentists that retake impressions three or more times per month1 Percentage of dentists that must reappoint patients for impression taking at least once per month1 The accuracy of crown and...

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These unique features of confocal scanning enable iTero to capture powder-free digital impressions. iTero: state-of-the art science Differentiated Technology Figure 1 Two types of digital imaging principles are currently available in the dental industry— triangulation sampling and parallel confocal. Scanners that use the triangulation sampling principle typically apply one angled cone of light to capture a single image at 15,000 microns. Figure 2 Cadent iTero features parallel confocal imaging, which utilizes laser and optical scanning to digitally capture the surface and contours of the...

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not just digital... iTero The digital impression system that... n Allows for fabrication of numerous types of dental restorations n Eliminates the need for coating teeth n Utilizes single-use imaging shields for maximum infection control n Allows for subgingival preparation designed for great outcomes With the ability to scan quadrants and full arches, iTero allows the clinician to easily take digital impressions of single-unit cases as well as more complex restorative and cosmetic full-arch treatment plans. Onscreen visualization of the scan in real time ensures that preparations are...

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Step 1 Digital scan by dentist Step 2 Real-time chairside feedback Step 3 CAD model created by laboratory Step 4 CAM model created by Straumann Step 5 Final restoration created by laboratory Step 6 Restoration inserted by dentist The path to the perfect fit A digital scan performed with iTero is designed to be digitally perfect. This type of precision is designed to eliminate the need to reimpress patients and to significantly reduce remakes. By removing the imprecision that is intrinsic to conventional impression materials, you can deliver consistently good work. iTero allows for the...

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creating a perfect impression WITH iTero 1. The digital prescription form 2. Tooth preparation and tissue management Enter patient treatment information into the digital prescription form, which is used by the partnering laboratory to fabricate the requested restoration. Prior to tooth preparation, the opposing dentition can be scanned by the dental assistant. As with any restorative procedure, tooth preparation and tissue management with Cadent iTero depends on sound biomechanical and macromechanical principles. The iTero scanner will precisely capture any preparation design of the...

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The 3D virtual models of both arches are then previewed on the screen. This process takes less than 30 seconds. It is important to review the model with the patient present to ensure proper retraction allowed for a clear margin and the tooth reduction was adequate. The scan can be evaluated from any desired viewing position using the software tools. The digital articulator allows you to review the occlusal clearance and make any modifications necessary on the prepared tooth or opposing arch. This simple step ensures that the dental laboratory has the appropriate reduction to deliver optimal...

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Cadent iTero Models COMBINING ACCURACY and UTILITY The iTero model, made of a stable polyurethane material, presents numerous advantages when used in the Cadent process. As a single model that functions as both a working model AND a soft tissue model, it supports accurate and efficient laboratory fabrication of all restorations. Advantages of the Cadent iTero polyurethane model include: n Resistance to wear when used in the dental laboratory; n The resulting model is designed for lower risk of breakage if accidentally dropped; n Plaster-like color similar to conventionally poured models; n...

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Predictable time savings The scanning process with iTero is intuitive and easy. In fact, over 90% of iTero dentists delegate all or part of the scanning to assistants. The software guides you every step of the way with voice and visual prompts. A complete scan takes just 3 to 5 minutes--about the time required for conventional impression materials to set. Plus, with no time devoted to preparing impressions trays or cleaning up, the time savings are predictable. Better still, the accuracy of impressions made with iTero means that restorations require minimal adjustment, which delivers...

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iTero: an ideal complement to your practice iTero helps build your practice n Increases patient satisfaction by eliminating the “goop” of traditional impressions and by delivering an outstanding restoration n Enhances your reputation as a state-of-the-art practice n Reduces consumable expenses n Makes seating appointments more predictable The quality of restorative work I am providing to my patients is clinically superior. Because of the precision achieved with digital impressions, my chairside adjustments have been reduced significantly, if not all but eliminated. Moreover, the efficiency...

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Impressive on Your Bottom Line A Case Study on iTero Office Economics Managing your practice requires more than just clinical expertise — it also takes sound business practices. Cadent has been helping orthodontists and dentists integrate technology into their practices for over 10 years. With more than 2 million cases completed so far, you can be assured that we understand your business. That’s why iTero not only offers extensive clinical benefits, but also provides an excellent return on your investment. Over the past two years, Cadent has tracked the progress of many iTero Users. They...

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