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Roxolid SLA Data Sheet More than strength. Extended treatment options. In our mission to deliver less invasive treatment options, Straumann® introduces the Roxolid® SLA® implant ̶ a combination of our award-winning material and clinicallyproven surface. With the added strength of Roxolid you can choose a smaller diameter implant1 and can eliminate the need for GBR procedures.2 Additionally, the SLA surface provides longevity and efficiency in daily practice. Trust the Straumann Roxolid SLA implant to give you and your patients a long-term solution and peace of mind. MORE THAN SOLID. ROXOLID. STRAUMANN SLA SHOWING PREDICTABLE LONG-TERM CLINICAL DATA • Dental implant material with excellent mechanical properties and high strength3,4 • More than 100 clinical and preclinical SLA studies published in last 20 years • Roxolid may allow the use of smaller-diameter implants with the same clinical performance as regular-diameter titanium implants1 • peer-reviewed publications 5 with 10 years of follow-up data on Straumann implants and prosthetics6-10 • Increase patient acceptance of implant treatment by providing less invasive solutions5 • Demonstrated healing time of 6-8 weeks until the implant can be prosthetically loaded The Roxolid material provides additional treatment options for my patients with increased confidence, predictability and less aggressive surgical procedures. ... Robert C. Vogel, DDS, Palm Beach Gardens, FL REDUCED IMPLANT SIZE CAN ELIMINATE THE NEED FOR GBR PROCEDURES Participants of a clinical non-interventional study stated that in 54% of the implants placed, a bone augmentation procedure could be avoided with the use of Roxolid Ø 3.3 mm Implants.2

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Straumann® Roxolid® SLA®. Straumann® Bone Level Titanium Ø 4.1 mm CONFIDENCE WHEN PLACING SMALL DIAMETER IMPLANTS Straumann Roxolid shows a 21% higher tensile strength than Straumann cold worked titanium and 82% higher tensile strength than standard titanium Grade 4.3 This delivers peace of mind for treatments with small diameter implants. Available in all diameters, all lengths and all implant types. USE OF SMALLER IMPLANTS ALLOWS POTENTIAL PRESERVATION OF VITAL STRUCTURES A randomized controlled clinical study has demonstrated that Roxolid Ø 3.3 mm Implants perform similar to Titanium Ø...

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