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Starget 2 | 2014 - 1

INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE FOR CUSTOMERS AND PARTNERS OF STRAUMANN 2/2014 Straumann and botiss: More than a partnership. A synergy of strengths. Straumann® Bone Level Tapered Implant Taking primary stability to the next level Fixed prostheses for edentulous patients Restoring quality of life with solutions by Straumann

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Starget 2 | 2014 - 2

compensated Id-No. 1440639 Cover image SEM picture of botiss cerabone® (Ruhr University Bochum, Germany) Imprint STARGET – INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE FOR CUSTOMERS AND PARTNERS OF STRAUMANN | © Institut Straumann AG | Peter MerianWeg 12 | CH-4002 Basel | Phone +41 (0)61 965 11 11 | Fax +41 (0)61 965 11 01 | Editors Roberto González, Mildred Loewen | E-Mail | Internet | Layout WS Kommunikation AG | | Printing Hofmann Druck | iPad This publication is also available for the iPad (English, German,...

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Starget 2 | 2014 - 3

Oral tissue regeneration – a key success factor in implantology Oral tissue regeneration products are indispensable for implantology: market research studies and clinical practice show that regenerative procedures are required in half of all implant-borne solutions to ensure success, or even to enable an implant placement. At Straumann, we strive to offer our customers better, integrated solutions from a single source – from digital impressions to the final crown – where regenerative products play a crucial role. Today, we know the biological fact that there is no single bone augmentation...

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Starget 2 | 2014 - 4

Straumann and botiss have announced a cooperation agreement, covering distribution and development. Founded in 2008 by Oliver Bielenstein and Dr Drazen Tadic, the company has become an innovative, clinically oriented biotech company with an exclusive focus on oral regeneration and a broad portfolio for the different needs of oral regeneration. Taking primary stability to the next level 6 Implants with tapered design are becoming increasingly popular due to patients’ growing Straumann® Bone Level Tapered Implant demand for shorter treatment times and the good primary stability such implants...

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Starget 2 | 2014 - 5

Straumann and botiss cooperation botiss company profile Two firms, one focus – interview with Marco Gadola and Oliver Bielenstein The botiss regeneration system botiss maxgraft® bonebuilder technology Clinical case report: botiss mucoderm® Clinical case report: botiss Jason® membrane/ Straumann® BoneCeramic Straumann® Regenerative System Straumann Science Straumann® Bone Level SLActive® Implants Straumann® Bone Level Tapered Implant Taking primary stability to the next level Fixed restorations for edentulous patients Small component portfolio, lots of possibilities Clinical case report:...

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Starget 2 | 2014 - 6

botiss company profile Innovative, clinically oriented, and growing very fast At the ITI World Symposium 2014 (April 24 –26 in Geneva, Switzerland), Straumann and botiss announced a cooperation agreement, covering distribution and development. The formal agreement between the two companies gives Straumann exclusive rights to distribute botiss regeneration system products, initially in most Western and Central Europe countries and the Americas, with co-distribution in Germany. At the same time, botiss obtained rights to distribute the regenerative product Straumann® Emdogain in Germany as...

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Starget 2 | 2014 - 7

Different indications and needs, a broad portfolio to al portfolios based on different aspects, knowing that in cover them case of need, there are always other prominent alterna- Progress in the science of oral regeneration has made clear tives within the system to rely on. that there is no single bone graft or soft-tissue biomaterial that is able to suit all medical needs, biological situations, Continuing education is the key to success in regeneration Such a broad product portfolio requires a complex system of continuing education and training. botiss continuously A variety of factors...

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Starget 2 | 2014 - 8

Left to right: Dirk Probst, Marco Gadola, Oliver Bielenstein

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Starget 2 | 2014 - 9

Cooperation between Straumann and botiss Two rms, one focus An interview by Dirk Probst with Marco Gadola and Oliver Bielenstein. The motto behind the collaboration between Straumann Bielenstein: A collaboration with Straumann offers a and botiss is: “More than a partnership. A synergy great opportunity to increase our share of existing mar- of strengths.” Dirk Probst, Head of Regeneration at kets or obtain faster access to other markets such as Straumann, spoke to Straumann CEO Marco Gadola North and South America via Straumann. We will now and botiss Managing Partner Oliver Bielenstein...

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Starget 2 | 2014 - 10

botiss's portfolio is broadly based, and at first glance ap- conscious and systematic approach. This can be compared pears highly complex. What is the principle behind its very well with a modern implant system. Here too, it structure, Oliver Bielenstein? takes more than just one implant with just one diameter Bielenstein: Our product range has been composed in a and one length – various models with various properties systematic approach, with nothing having been left to are needed: various diameters and lengths at the bone chance. This means that we offer a coherent regenerative and soft...

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Starget 2 | 2014 - 13

for continuous development and competition – progress in Austria. Four to six weeks later it arrives in a sterile would have come to a complete halt. botiss has its roots condition with the dentist, who opens the defect, inserts in orthopaedic surgery. The materials we work with have the bone block, screws it in place and covers it again. all been tried and tested, and our motto is: “Predictability Within a period of approximately 20 minutes, therefore, and a high success rate”. Dentists who work with botiss the dentist is able to carry out an extremely complex aug- products know that they...

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Starget 2 | 2014 - 14

of using botiss or botiss distributors to sell Emdogain® approach based on openness and trust. There is a great in the future. We will continue to maintain our efforts deal of know-how within our company, and particularly with the product, and will by no means ease off in this in the networks established by both parties. In any case, area. I am confident that botiss will contribute valuable to put it bluntly I think the perception that development ideas here for driving the success of this product forward. takes place primarily within a single company is rather outmoded. No – in our...

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