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Product Information Straumann® CARES® Prosthetics More than efficiency. Cost-effective workflow solutions.

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Prosthetic solutions ONE-STEP RESTORATIONS CARES® X-Stream™ CUSTOMIZED ABUTMENTS CARES® Abutment, titanium CARES® Abutment, ZrO₂ CARES® Abutment, CoCr SCREW-RETAINED BRIDGES AND BARS CARES® Screw-retained Bridge FULL-CONTOUR CROWNS AND BRIDGES CARES® Full-contour crowns and bridges CROWN AND BRIDGE FRAMEWORKS CARES® crown and bridge frameworks

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Straumann® CARES® Prosthetics - 3

1. STRAUMANN® CARES® PROSTHETICS Experience Business Solutions With Straumann® CARES® Prosthetics The market for dental restorations presents a broad variety of prosthetic options. As a result customers experience constant challenges in making the right choice when it comes to fulfilling their primary product needs of high efficiency, cost-effectiveness and long-term reliability. Thanks to the trustworthy relationship with dental clinics and laboratories for more than 60 years, Straumann CARES about what matters to you and your business. We are committed to adapting our service and products...

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Straumann® CARES® Prosthetics - 4

2. ORIGINAL STRAUMANN® IMPLANT-ABUTMENT CONNECTION in every respect Original Straumann components are the recommended choice YOUR DECISION FOR ORIGINAL STRAUMANN COMPONENTS IS ESSENTIAL All components complement each other in a precisely harmonized system combining excellent quality and great flexibility. Designed for esthetic results your patients will surely appreciate – and remarkable endurance and durability you can fully rely on. Straumann ensures the consistent quality of all original Straumann components through high-precision manufacturing and exceedingly thorough inspection...

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Straumann® CARES® Prosthetics - 5

A 10-year retrospective study on Straumann original prosthetic components1 Straumann original2 prosthetic components show excellent long-term clinical performance. Occlusal screw loosening n = 10 Occlusal screw fracture n = 1 Success rate of Straumann prosthetic secondary components Test method: ѹѹ 10-year retrospective clinical study to assess the rate of mechanical and technical complications and failures with implant-supported fixed dental prostheses. ѹѹ Prosthetic restorations on all 388 surviving Straumann® Tissue Level Implants were assessed. The implants had been restored with...

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Straumann® CARES® Prosthetics - 6

Compatible is not original. Straumann exactly knows the dimensions, tolerances and materials of Straumann implants, and can therefore optimally harmonize the design between Straumann implants and their corresponding Straumann prosthetic components. The Original Third-party abutments claimed as compatible Straumann® CARES® Ti Abutment on ­ traumann® RC 4.1 Implant S NobelProcera® CADCAM Ti Abutment on Straumann® RC 4.1 Implant Atlantis™ CADCAM Ti Abutment on Straumann® RC 4.1 Implant

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Straumann® CARES® Prosthetics - 8

4. STRAUMANN® CARES® X-Stream™ The One-Step Prosthetic Solution: 1 Scan, 1 Design, 1 Delivery CARES® X-Stream™ is an innovative example of an efficient digital workflow, streamlining clinical steps and simplifying long processes, while ensuring high quality prosthetics. CARES® X-Stream™ provides a full prosthetic solution, flexible in use, to restore Straumann implants. With only one scan and one simultaneous and adaptive prosthetic element design, all required prosthetic components (e.g. Variobase® Abutments and their relevant bridge) are manufactured in the Straumann validated environment...

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Straumann® CARES® Prosthetics - 9

STRAUMANN NOW EXPANDS THE CARES® X-Stream™ PORTFOLIO TO MULTIPLE-TOOTH RESTORATIONS TO MEET YOUR VARIOUS NEEDS. n!ce™ (lithium aluminosilicate ceramic reinforced with lithium disilicate available in 12 shades) IPS e.max® CAD (Lithium-disilicate available in 45 shades) zerion® UTML3,4 (ultra translucent multi-layered zirconium dioxide available in 4 VITA shades and 1 Bleach shade) zerion® ML5 (high translucent multi-layered zirconium dioxide available in 3 shades) 3M™ ESPE™ Lava™ Plus Zirconia5 (high translucent zirconium dioxide available in 16 VITA shades and 2 Bleach shades) translucent...

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Straumann® CARES® Prosthetics - 10

LABORATORY Higher productivity thanks to one design, one order and one delivery of the prosthetic components Efficiency: pre-set software parameters and algorithms Increased efficiency due to the highly precise prosthetics ensuring best fit between components (see Figure 1) Validated long-term performance with the original Straumann implant-abutment connection Consistent and re-producible quality - Controlled design and milling environment - Collaboration with renowned material supplier When using CARES® Customized Abutments with their selected prosthetic restoration (crown or bridge) the...

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Straumann® CARES® Prosthetics - 11

CARES® X-Stream™ FOR BRIDGES AND BARS Straumann extends its efficient and cost-effective CARES® X-Stream™ offering to multiple-tooth implant-based restorations with bridges and over-dentures treatment solutions. Benefit from fully customized prosthetic solutions with combinations of individualized CARES® Abutments and CARES® bridges. Or benefit from highly cost-effective prosthetic solutions with combinations of our new Variobase® bridge/bar and 3M™ Lava™ Plus Zirconia available in the 16 VITA classical tooth guide and 2 Bleach shades. All CARES® Customized copings, crowns or bridges are...

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Straumann® CARES® Prosthetics - 12

3. STRAUMANN® CARES® CUSTOMIZED ABUTMENT Work with Confidence Original Straumann Solutions We have developed the Straumann® CARES® Customized Abutments to provide you with the foundation for exceptional restorative results. The high design flexibility combined with the high standards of precision make our customized abutments an outstanding benefit for practitioners and dental technicians alike. THE CARES® CUSTOMIZED ABUTMENT OFFERS YOU AS A DENTAL LABORATORY A RANGE OF ADVANTAGES WHICH YOU CAN PASS ON TO YOUR CLIENTS Customized shape and patient-specific emergence profile Validated...

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