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Straumann® ProClean Cassette ^ straumann simply doing more

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Straumann® ProClean Cassette - 2

100% high-grade stainless steel cassette for uncompromised performance. The unique Straumann® ProClean Cassettes are made solely of stainless steel with no aluminium, plastics, silicones or other materials that could degrade due to frequent, intensive machine-based reprocessing cycles.

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Straumann® ProClean Cassette - 3

Transform your workflow with the Straumann® ProClean Cassette. For over six decades, Straumann has made a decisive contribution to progress in dental implantology through pioneering innovation, that redefines the boundaries of possibility for dental professionals and patients. Whether you are a major hospital SSD 1 or a busy practice, the revolutionary ProClean Cassette will transform your workflow by increasing productivity, efficiency and safety. The ProClean Cassette virtually eliminates labor-intensive manual cleaning – simply put the used instruments back into the cassette during...

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Straumann® ProClean Cassette - 4

Don’t compromise on hygiene. Rest assured with validated cleaning results. Designed exclusively for automated reprocessing of dental instruments post operation, the cassette is fully compatible with dental washerdisinfectors to simplify and automate your reprocessing workflow delivering hygienic cleaning results you can rely on. ѹѹ Outstanding cleaning results and uncompromised hygiene ѹѹ Increased staff safety – handling of sharp contaminated instruments is significantly reduced3 ѹѹ A validated user friendly design that ensures clean and dry instruments every time THE STATE-OF-THE-ART...

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Straumann® ProClean Cassette - 5

All parts of the unique Straumann® ProClean Cassette are made solely of high-grade stainless steel with no aluminum, plastics, silicones or other materials that could degrade due to frequent, intensive machine-based reprocessing cycles. 1 Compact, cleaning-friendly instrument holders minimize touch points and keep the drills securely in place 2 Instruments organized according to drill sequences. Color-coded workflows with instrument pictograms guide you to simplify the surgical procedure 3 After surgery the cassette lid safeguards staff3 from exposure to sharp contaminated...

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Straumann® ProClean Cassette - 6

Uncompromised hygiene and a simple surgical workflow. Straumann® ProClean Cassette Art. No. 040.561 Ease-of-use – contains all the instruments needed to place any Straumann implant Intuitive – color-coded workflows guide you through the operation Ease of handling – simply place the used drills back into the cassette during surgery Increased staff safety – post-surgery, close the cassette lid, which safeguards staff from exposure to sharp contaminated instruments3 ѹѹ Avoid instrument mix-ups – no need to sort soiled drills, all instruments are reprocessed in the cassette A host of...

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Straumann® ProClean Cassette - 7

Don’t compromise on hygiene anymore and contact your local Straumann representative now or visit 1  SSD Sterile Services Department  2  Ultrasonic cleaning machine, washer-disinfector, steam sterilizer, autoclave  3  Compared to manual reprocessing

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