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Straumann® Variobase® C - 1

Varioba for CEREC® se® becomes Variobase ®C NOW avail a Sirona soft ble in ware More than a Ti-base. Your trusted link between implant and restoration.

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Straumann® Variobase® C - 2

More than owning the whole value chain. The original Ti-base for your chair-side workflow. The chair-side workflow for implant-borne prosthetics lets you restore your implant cases in a remarkably quick, efficient and cost-effective way. Thanks to our cooperation with Sirona, Straumann® Variobase® C is now available in the Sirona software. With this option you can fully use the benefits of the chair-side implant workflow, plus you get the original Straumann® implant-abutment connection and a harmonized emergence profile for Bone Level Implant platforms.

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Straumann® Variobase® C - 3

ABUTMENT DESIGN MAKES THE DIFFERENCE FOR YOUR PATIENT Concave collar design of the Variobase® C for Straumann® Bone Level Implants. Our improved Bone Level NC and RC Variobase® C design provides an optimized emergence profile, intended to support the best possible esthetic outcome of your restoration. Additionally your patients can benefit from an easier cleaning procedure due to the concave collar design. ѹѹ NC and RC Bone Level Variobase® C ѹѹ Increased gingiva height of 1 mm ѹѹ Concave collar design ѹѹ NC Bone Level Variobase® C ѹѹ Reduced platform diameter from Ø 4.5 down to Ø 3.8 mm...

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Straumann® Variobase® C - 4

rwSt,raurnann‘l variobase®c} available S,ronasoftware Variobase® C is compatible with the Sirona Scanbody, the Sirona ScanPost and the material blocks with pre-fabricated screw channel. Please select the respective parts as shown in the table below: * Please use Scanbody size L when using Sirona ScanPost for scanning.

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Straumann® Variobase® C - 5

ѹѹ Order Variobase® C through your preferred Straumann sales channel ѹѹ Order the Sirona Scanbody and ScanPost through Sirona’s distribution network ѹѹ Order the material block with pre-fabricated screw channel through the material manufacturer distribution network Please note: The older versions of the Variobase® for CEREC RC (022.0024) and NC (022.0025) are not compatible with their successors Variobase® C RC GH 1 mm (022.0044) and NC GH 1 mm (022.0043) due to different product design parameters. Step 2 – Intra-oral scanning Insert Variobase® C or Sirona ScanPost on the implant Place...

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Straumann® Variobase® C - 6

Step 3 - Designing and milling Use your Sirona software to select the original Straumann® Variobase® C. Select Variobase® C from the implant library of the CAD/CAM system to design the restoration Mill the restoration Sirona CEREC® software selection mask Variobase® C material packs are available for following Sirona software offerings. Download the Variobase® C material pack from the Sirona website. Step 4 - Finalization and insertion • Fit check the restoration intra-orally on the Variobase® C • Finish the restoration using standard procedures • Cement* the restoration on the Variobase®...

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Straumann® Variobase® C - 8

CEREC® and ScanPost® are registered trademarks of Sirona Dental Systems, Inc., USA. © Institut Straumann AG, 2016. All rights reserved. Straumann® and/or other trademarks and logos from Straumann® mentioned herein are the trademarks or registered trademarks of Straumann Holding AG and/or its affiliates. International Headquarters Institut Straumann AG Peter Merian-Weg 12 CH-4002 Basel, Switzerland Phone +41 (0)61 965 11 11 Fax +41 (0)61 965 11 01

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