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Straumann® Variobase® Family


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Straumann® Variobase® Family - 1

Straumann® Variobase® Family More than treatment flexibility. Driving efficiency in your lab.

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Straumann® Variobase® Family - 3

More than ample flexibility. The most efficient way to your restoration. Straumann® Variobase® offers you a variety of treatment options for your single and multi-tooth restorations. It brings efficiency to your lab because it gives you the flexibility to use your preferred in-lab workflow in order to fabricate your implant restorations. Additionally you benefit from the original Straumann® implant connection. Straumann® Variobase® for crown for your single-unit restorations Straumann® Variobase® for bridge/bar for your multi-unit restoration CONVENTIONAL WORKFLOW DIGITAL WORKFLOW

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Straumann® Variobase® Family - 4

More than an abutment. Maximum design freedom. Straumann® Variobase® offers you extended restoration options with maximum design freedom. New STRAUMANN® VARIOBASE® FOR CROWN Straumann® Variobase® for crown for your single-unit restorations is now available in two abutment heights. Strong retention of the coping on the abutment Thanks to the patented* engaging mechanism with four cams, Variobase® for crown allows exact seating and rotational lock of the coping or crown. This feature helps reduce rotational coping misfit compared to other designs with only one cam. Newly available with a...

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Straumann® Variobase® Family - 5

STRAUMANN® VARIOBASE® FOR BRIDGE/BAR Enjoy the excellent Straumann product performance now also for your multi-unit restorations of straight and tilted* Straumann implants. 1 Non-engaging conical shape designed for cost-effective and versatile bridge and bar restorative options 2 Helix threads for a strong retention of the prosthetic restoration 3 Reference edge for long-term stability and passive fit, s ­ pecially required for implant-based bridge or over-denture constructions MORE REASONS TO CHOOSE VARIOBASE® Minimal abutment height providing maximum design flexibility Variobase® has one...

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Straumann® Variobase® Family - 6

More than ample flexibility. Choose the procedure you prefer. Use the Straumann® Variobase® in the in-lab workflow of your choice to efficiently create high-quality prosthetic restorations. CHOOSE YOUR PREFERRED IN-LAB WORKFLOW Pressing or casting techniques – Easily and accurately wax up the prosthetic restoration with the Burn-out Copings. Variobase® for bridge/bar – Just place the Burn-out Coping on the Variobase® and turn it clockwise to prevent any rotational or vertical movement. Digitally produced restorations – Choose from a variety of possibilities, whether you own a CARES® system...

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Straumann® Variobase® Family - 7

More than an original connection. Justified trust. You can rely on perfect design harmony between S ­ traumann implants and their corresponding prosthetic components. USE THE STRAUMANN® ORIGINAL CONNECTION TO BENEFIT FROM Easily identify genuine Straumann® components with the logo Perfectly matching components Reliability through proven long-term clinical evidence Excellent service and support 10-year Straumann® Guarantee* Knowing the exact dimensions and tolerances of its implants, Straumann can offer you a perfect and reliable fit of Straumann implants to their corresponding prosthetic...

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Straumann® Variobase® Family - 8

Dental Wings is a registered trademarks of Dental Wings inc., Canada. 3M™, ESPE™ and Lava™ are trademarks of 3M Company or 3M Deutschland GmbH. Used under license in Canada. 3Shape Dental System is a registered trademark of 3Shape A/S, Denmark. Exocad is a registered trademark of exocad GmbH, Germany. © Institut Straumann AG, 2015. All rights reserved. Straumann® and/or other trademarks and logos from Straumann® mentioned herein are the trademarks or registered trademarks of Straumann Holding AG and/or its affiliates. International Headquarters Institut Straumann AG Peter Merian-Weg 12...

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