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LED loupe Light Source LED L ight S ource : A dditional L ighting for better visibility Adding a LED light source to your Magnification Loupes will help provide extra illumination, maximizing visualization of the oral cavity M iltex LED L oupes L ight F eatures and B enefits Choose your own manufacturer specific mount! (see reverse for details) intensity of any portable dental surgical headlight light intensity control 6. Portable Headlamp Weighs 7. Alternative up dental composite filter available composite materials from curing hours of use on a single charge charging time manufacturer...

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Based on a report in a 2003 Supplemental Issue of Access on Magnification Use In Dental Hygiene, Magnification loupes extend a dental clinician's career by decreasing the physical strains associated with achieving clear oral cavity visualization while providing superior patient care can help reduce motion and static posture stressors by : • Improving • Reducing chair time per better visualization1 • Improving overall posture by not requiring dental clinicians and dental hygienists to lean forward in order to see the oral cavity1 Using M iltex L oupes ® provides the following benefits to the...

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Miltex Loupes Features & Benefits ® M iltex O ptics F eatures ® and Forget™ Optics, you do not have to be individually measured to get a custom fit. All Miltex® Optics allow you to set your interpupillary, convergence and declination angle for perfect optical alignment. The optics are quickly and easily locked into your individual setting so your loupes are always perfectly aligned. Benefits Optics 2. Dual Hinge Design 3. Auto Locking Interpupillary Knob 4. Double locking convergence angle are quickly and easily locked into place Provides stable alignment of optics for easy flip up of...

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Choosing The Right Magnification Choosing the perfect loupes for you is simple Just follow these 3 easy steps for a perfect match Step 1: Choose your magnification If you are a new loupes user, start with the lowest power you need. Most dental professionals begin using loupes with a magnification power of 2.5x. Remember, as the magnification increases, the field of view, focal range and light transmission decreases. Step 2: Choose your working distance All loupes are pre-set to focus at a certain distance and objects will remain in focus within a range of several inches around that pre-set...

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W hat I s T he F ield O f V iew ? The Field of View is the size of the area seen through magnification loupes. Clinicians appreciate a wider field of view because it is easier to adjust when shifting from the naked eye to the loupes and it may reduce eye fatigue. Field width is linked to the magnifying power of the loupes – the higher the power, the smaller the field. Miltex® Loupe part numbers Loupes Description Miltex® Part Number Miltex® Part Number Working Distance BLACK FRAME * Most popular loupes for hygiene ** Most popular loupes for endodontic procedures Miltex ® Accessory I tems 1....

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LED loupe Light Source The Miltex® portable dental LED light source produces amazing brightness in a completely portable light. The small power pack is lightweight and uses Lithium Ion cells that can be quickly and easily recharged. The portable LED can be attached to most loupes systems. Manufacturer specific mounts come pre-assembled on the lamp head. Miltex® LED LIGHT part numbers REF Mount Type LED Loupes Light Unit Miltex® loupes mount LED Loupes Light Unit Orascoptix® loupes mount LED Loupes Light Unit Sheervision® loupes mount LED Loupes Light Unit Surgitel® loupes mount LED Loupes...

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Brochure - Loupes & LED Light - 8 toll-free phone 866-854-8300 toll-free fax 866-854-8400 phone 717-840-9335 fax 717-840-9347 Please call Customer Service today for additional information, an in-office demonstration, to place an order, or to receive other Miltex catalogs. Miltex and Miltex Redefining Excellence are registered trademarks of Miltex, Inc., a subsidiary of Integra LifeSciences Corporation. Set and Forget is a trademark of Perioptix, Inc. All other trademarks and product names are the property of their respective owners. The Integra wave logo is a trademark of Integra LifeSciences Corporation....

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