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INTER LASER & LIGHT SOLUTIONS UVC + O3 Dual Disinfection System Inactivation of viruses, bacteria and fungi from surfaces and environments

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COMVAT DUO3 is the new combined disinfection system for hospitals, clinics, health centers, residences and other sanitary spaces, that need to strengthen its disinfection and COVID-19 inactivation strategy. COVID-19 Isolation rooms in hospitals have been temporarily converted into a potentially infectious environments. By thoroughly disinfecting the area, the virus inactivation occurs, prevention is reinforced and, the transmission chain is broken. A permanent problem Multiple studies have shown that less than 50% of room surfaces in hospitals are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected when...

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INTERmedic puts the new COMVAT DUO3 at the service of health disinfection. Dual disinfection system by UVC light and ozone, are two reference technologies in non-contact disinfection, that can be used independently or sequentially for the inactivation of of viruses, bacteria and fungi from both environments and surfaces. Dual disinfection system COMVAT DUO3 allows you to choose up to 3 disinfection modes based on the existing level of contamination, viral load and time available. With the 360 Shadowless mode, the user obtains a full disinfection process of the most difficult spaces,...

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© UVC MODEUltraviolet germicidal irradiation, at a wavelength of 254nm, inactivates microorganisms. Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is an electromagnetic radiation that destroys the ability of microorganisms to reproduce by causing photochemical changes in their nucleic acids (DNA and RNA).4 Electromagnetic spectrum of light radiation (nm) 254 TOTAL REACH The 15 high-performance lamps with a power of 55W each, guarantee a high-power density capable of eradicating any microorganism in 6 minutes in a space of up to 60m2. INTERmedic guarantees the necessary supply of luminous energy...

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The union of UVC + O3 in a safe and controlled way, acts in the virus inactivation (prevention) and limits the transmission chain.

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OZONE MODE Ozone used in low concentrations is a powerful disinfectant against viruses in the air.10 Ozonation phases with COMVAT DUO3 1 DISINFECTION of contaminants and pollutants through the oxidation process of microorganisms suspended on surfaces. destroying all microorganism by oxidation, ozone makes their smells disappear turning the rarefied air into perfectly healthy, with a deodorization process taking place. after the disinfection phase O3 molecules must be left to naturally recombine for about 50 minutes until they descend to a user-safe level. Global disinfection process MANUAL...

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Technical characteristics • The software allows the user to know the necessary dose of light subject to the dimensions of the room to treat. • Presence sensors. COMVAT DUO3 interrupts the treatment immediately if it detects movement in its surroundings. • If necessary, the software will suggest splitting the room two or more treatment areas. • Ozone sensors. Detector of O3 ppm in the environment. Control ozone levels at all times to enable the safe entry of health and cleaning professionals after the treatment. • Reports the remaining application time. • Tricolor Traffic Light. COMVAT DUO3...

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The first and only combined solution of UVC + O3 Triple-layer of security: presence detection, ozone sensor and alarm (acoustic and optical) Immediate integration into existing cleaning and disinfection processes Modular disinfection time subject to the room surface Easy-to-move system, with 4 multi-directional wheels COMVAT DUO3 is a product manufactured by INTERmedic,a company with ISO13485, (standard for the applicable quality management system for devices) and under EN60204 and EN61000 eletric and electromagnetic compatibility that allow for use in environments Hospital. Valles...

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