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AT ONE POUND, FIVE OUNCES, THERE'S NOT A LOT OF JEFFREY TO SPARE. tk ike VIA LVM Blood Gas & Chemistry Monitor, uou Jon I even lose a drop. HOW OFTEN WILL YOU DRAW BLOOD TODAY? How long will you wait for the results? electrolyte results in about a minute. Without the blood loss risks you had to accept in the past. Giving you real-time results. OPTIMUM BLOOD CONSERVATION Perform frequent blood gas and chemistry monitoring without sending a single drop of blood to the lab. Using a closed-loop system, the VIA LVM gently and automatically The Blood Gas <* Chemistry Monitoring Company draws just 1.5 cc of blood into a special sensor where opening the infant's arterial it's analyzed for about a minute. Then the blood is line. It's a revolution in automatically reinfused to the baby. Keeping the blood patient monitoring. where it should be — in your patient. SUPERIOR PATIENT MANAGEMENT The VIA system gives you vital information instantly. So you can make timely decisions with real-time data. Without waiting for lab results. You have the power to act quickly and decisively. And see the results of your interventions immediately. INFECTION STAYS UNDER CONTROL With no syringes or stopcocks, you reduce the chance of infection to your patient. Plus, eliminating blood exposure means less risk to healthcare MEDICAL provides fast, accurate results without ever

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Superior Sampling Process Automatic, gentle withdrawal of 1.5 cc of blood at 100 cc/hr. Automatic reinfusion of complete blood sample to patient. Post-sample flush of 0.5 cc. Real-Time Information Self-Calibration Initial 2-point calibration. Self-calibration after each sample and at least every 30 minutes. Versatile System Interface capability with Major Monitoring Systems. Compatible with all types of arterial line infusions. No dampening of arterial line waveforms. Compatible with all sizes of UACs and peripheral arterial catheters. Measures Critical Parameters Results displayed in 70...

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