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BabyGravimat & Gravimat Gravimetric dilutors for solid samples For quick and precise dilutions

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■ Full range of lab instruments for microbiological analyses ■ Designed and made in France ■ Leadership in R&D for innovative products ■ Worldwide distribution network in more than 85 countries

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For over 30 years, interscience has been designing and manufacturing products for microbiology labs to ensure work efciency and guarantee consumer health and safety. BabyGravimat® and Gravimat® are part of the BagSystem®, a full range of products to optimize sample preparation: t selec to enter Turn to Push Press tube when empty is START STOP Why use a gravimetric dilutor? BabyGravimat® and Gravimat® gravimetric dilutors enable the automation of the dilution of the sample with optimum reliability. See the following advantages: MANUAL DILUTION AUTOMATED DILUTION 1. Sample weighing The bag is...

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Easy-to-use and efcient, 2 models for optimal dilutions Easy cleaning All stainless steel Easy-to-use 2 keys for 1 dilution Superior quality Watson MarlowTM peristaltic pumps BabyGravimat® User-friendly and accurate 1 000 g maximum weight Dilution factor from 1/2 to 1/99 Weighing accuracy < 0.1 g ISO 7218

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Traceability LIMS, printer, bar code... BabyGravimat® Date and time of last tare User name Diluent assigned to pump Sample weight Final weight Dilution rate Preset dilution and distribution methods Guaranteed sterility Tubings removable without tools and autoclavable Largest screen on the market Gravimat® High performance and traceability 2 500 g maximum weight (5 000 g available with JumboGravimat® model) 225 mL in 8 secs with booster kit: 2x quicker (optional) Dilution factor from 1/2 to 1/999 ISO

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High-tech dilutions: Autoclavable tubings designed for labs High-tech ow regulation Diluent flow Maximum flow Deceleration Slowed flow at the end Final adjustment if necessary All the liquid is intaken thanks to a tube weight at the bottom of the bottle. Tubings are screwed to the GL45 cap and intake all the distribution liquid. Our dilutors are equipped with a high-tech ow regulator. The ow is slowed down at the end of the distribution and automatically adjusted. For a 25 g sample diluted to 1/10, the accuracy is superior to 99 %. Protected electronics Easy work under laminar ow Units are...

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Accessories & technical specications Stand for broth bags Independent stand for bags Prints all distribution data (date, time, operator). (paper 521 110 - labels 521 012) Integrated to the unit, for suspending the bags of diluent. To easily store diluent bags up to 20 L. For adjusting the height of the nozzle from 9.5 cm to 47 cm from the weighing platform. Bar-code reader** Accelerate the dispensing speed up to 225 mL/8 sec. For hands-free dispensing. Connection with a 3.5 mm Jack. For total traceability of the samples. To use the unit under a laminar ow hood. BabyGravimat ® is delivered...

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Sales unit Sales unit Sales unit Sales unit Sales unit Tube weight Tube weight INTERNATIONAL 30, ch. Bois Arpents - 78860 St Nom - FRANCE T: +33 (0)1 34 62 62 61 - F: +33 (0)1 34 62 43 03 i n f o @ i n t e r s c i e n c e .f r - w w w. i n t e r s c i e n c e .f r BabyGravimat&Gravimat_B_0414. L Pictures and informations in this brochure are not contractually binding. BabyGravimat®, Gravimat®, BagFilter®, BagMixer®, BagTools®, easySpiral® and Scan® are trademarks. This document is the translation of the french brochure and is not contractually binding. INTERSCIENCE reserves the right to...

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