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Essential accessories A complete range of accessories for a safe and efficient laboratory work. BagRack® allows a clean storage of your bags. You can let the bags open for easy pipeting or close it with BagClip®. 3 models: 100 ml, 400 ml and 3500 ml Option: DripTray ® 400 security driptray in case of liquid leak, for hygiene and cleanliness. Bag opener/holder BagOpen® allows an easy opening of the bag without contact with the sample. Ideal tool for laboratory manipulations. 3 models: 100 ml, 400 ml et 3500 ml Thanks to BagOpen®, pipeting sample is quick and easy. BagPipet® & BagTips® Pipet and sterile tips BagPipet® pipets fixed chosen volumes (0.1 ou 0.9 ou 1 ml). Used with a BagTips®, oneuse sterile straws, easy to eject, BagPipet® allows the pipeting of all products, even viscous, with no blocking risks. BagPipet® is particularly adapted to viscous and food samples pipeting, after blending in a BagFilter ® filter bag with a BagMixer ® blender. BagTools® Brochu

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Closing clip BagClip® close by pinching any kind of bags, allowing a perfectly tight closing thanks to its three points closing system. BagClip® is trademarked. 3 models: 100 ml, 400 ml et 3500 ml Petri dishes storage stack PetriPile ® allow you to manipulate and transport in a secured manner all your Petri dishes. Petripile is designed for 36 dishes (16 dishes for the 150 mm Petripile®). Thanks to its quick and perfectly tight closing, with BagClip® you can store your samples in a BagRack ® in a secured way. Stainless steel designed, stackable and autoclavable, PetriPile® is ideal for...

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