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Catalog Scientific equipment for microbiology

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interscience ABOUT US 1979 François Jalenques, physicist, creates interscience (Paris, France). Our quality for your lab! ince 1979, interscience has been inventing, manufacturing and ensuring lifetime support for the preparation and analysis of samples in microbiology labs. Made in France, interscience products are publicly acclaimed by users for being highly efficient. 1979 With Dr. Ed Campbell, launching of the automatic plater Spiral® DS. François Jalenques 2002 Opening interscience USA/Canada (Boston, USA). 2006 Launching of the Scan® automatic colony counter. Our heavy investment in...

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Catalog 2018 - 3

Table of contents Sample preparation Microbiological analysis Hygiene & security Automatic platers Autoclave deodorant Product made for INTERSCIENCE by Interlab, an ISO 9001 certified company Email:

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From sample preparation... Homogenizing the sample • The sample is homogenized with the BagMixer ®. There is no contact between the sample and the machine to avoid cross-contamination. • The bacteria are quickly extracted from the sample without being destroyed. Organizing the samples • The homogenized samples are closed with BagClip® and stored in the BagRack®. Diluting the sample • Weigh the sample with the DiluFlow® dilutor. 1.5 s/precision: > 99 % • DiluFlow® dilutor automatically adds the appropriate mass of diluent. 8 s/precision: > 99 % Collecting the sample • Place the sample in a...

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Catalog 2018 - 5

Traceability system Counting the colonies • With the automatic Scan® colony counter, get microbiological results in 1 click. Images and results are automatically saved on your computer to ensure traceability. 5 sec./precision: > 98 % CFU images/results/samples data available in: XLS Printed PDF report Adobe 6 Pipet the filtered sample • With BagPipet ®, pipet the filtered sample easily thanks to the integrated filter of the bag. Dispensing culture media • With FlexiPump® serial dispensing is precise and efficient. Automatic plating • Place your filtered sample in a beaker. • The spiral plater...

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Catalog 2018 - 6

How to prepare your sample? The BagSystem® is a full range of products for the quick and safe preparation of the sample before its microbiological analysis. Collect Dilute the sample the sample No risk of cross-contamination Accurate results with excellent reproducibility Significantly increases your analyzing capacities V_.■ 5 Prepare your media Place the sample in a BagPage® or in a BagFilter® bag. Add the diluent with DiluF/ow®, gravimetric dilutor. The sample is homogenized with its diluent in the BagMixer® lab blender. The filtration of the sample occurs in the filter bag...

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Catalog 2018 - 7

Instant filtration Diluted and blended sample particles Diluted and blended sample particles Blender Bags Blocked pipet Easy pipetting After plating and incubation After plating and incubation Only colonies! Optimized process and accurate results Time-consuming and inaccurate results Email: Designed & Made in France Sample preparation Filtered and separated sample and microorganisms Sample mixed with microorganisms

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Catalog 2018 - 8

BagFilter® Lateral filter bags Lateral filter bag for the homogenization and automatic filtration of the sample. Lateral filter, ideal for fibrous sample BagFilter® P new size • Ideal for pipetting • Multilayer® multicoated reinforced complex • Lateral non-woven filter • Filter porosity: < 250 microns • Available in 400/2000/3500 mL BagFilter® S • Ideal for pouring: with a weld to retain particles • Multilayer®: multicoated reinforced complex • Lateral non-woven filter • Filter porosity: < 250 microns • Available in 400 mL BagFilter Pull-Up® Patented • Ideal for pipetting small volumes: <...

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Catalog 2018 - 9

Full-page filter bag for the homogenization and automatic filtration of the sample. A unique system of welding on the bag ensures error-free pipetting. Best seller LOW P°rosWI FloW cytometry PATENTED Full-page filter, ideal for pasty sample Technical specifications BagPage®+ new size • Multilayer®: reinforced multicoated complex • Full-page calibrated microperforated filter • Filter porosity: 280 microns • Also available: BagPage® U (round bottom for circulating blenders) • Available in 100/400/2000/3500 mL BagPage® F • For flow cytometry, PCR • Multilayer®: reinforced multicoated complex •...

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Catalog 2018 - 10

BagLight® Non-filter bags Best seller TransParent pound bottom BagLight® PolySilk® wew size BagLight® PolySilk® HD BagLight® Multilayer® 10 • PolySilk®: polyolefin complex • Flexible and transparent • Available in 100/400/2000/3500 mL • Easy to write on • High Density PolySilk® • Rigid, matte and slightly opaque • Available in 400 mL • Multilayer®: multicoated reinforced complex • Reinforced weldings • Available in 400 mL • Designed for circulating blenders • Multilayer®: multicoated reinforced complex • Reinforced weldings • Available in 400 mL Technical specifications Advantages...

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Catalog 2018 - 11

Bag for sampling and samples homogenization. Technical specifications Easy transportation of the sample Collect the sample Handy for pipetting Advantages Pre-cut opening of the bag Marking zone Tight closure Resistant up to 80°C Approved for food contact V_J OEM Custom manufacture Ask us about bags specifically designed and manufactured for your application. Choose: • The type of calibrated filter • The shape/size/material • The weldings/openings/ compartments • No marking or your own marking All our bags are approved for food contact, radiosterilized and compatible with ALL LAB...

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Gravimetric dilutors The best solution for your dilutions GeckoGrip system World’s fastest dilutor • Only 8 s to dispense 225 mL! (3) • No more adhesive gums! • Easy sample insertion • Ultra adhesive, hygienic PATENTED • Avoids contamination • Saves time • With 4 extra connectable pumps • Perfect for use in a laminar flow • Ergonomic: No more musculoskeletal disorders Superior quality • Watson MarlowTM pumps Sample preparation • 304L stainless steel casing High accuracy weighing scale Removable DripTray • Magnetic BagOpen® • LED color on status and accuracy (1) Only on DiluFlow® Elite (2)...

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