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The world's fastest Spiral® plater

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Our quality for your lab • Designer and manufacturer for microbiology • R&D leadership for innovative and reliable products • Worldwide distribution network in more than 85 countries • Made in France interscience R&D center and manufacturing plant Mourjou FRANCE Spiral method: 35 years experience The Spiral® method was designed in 1973 to automate the routine work of bacterial enumeration by Dr. Ed Campbell, researcher at the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). With François Jalenques, friend and founder of interscience, they patented an updated method in 1992. Since then Spiral® automatic...

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What is Spiral method? With easySpiral® automatic plater, increase your lab capacity with a counting range from 100 to 1x107 CFU/mL on one single Petri dish without prior dilution. Automatic Spiral® method Manual plating method This method requires repetitive actions: at least 4 dilutions and 4 successive platings are necessary to obtain one good and readable Petri dish. With this method, make your analyses on 1 single Petri dish! + sample - sample Disinfectant Sterile water • From 100 to 1x107 CFU/mL on 1 single Petri dish • Up to 75% less consumables • Full plating cycle in 25 seconds!...

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easySpiral revolutionary efficiency ® The new easySpiral® patented technology, exclusively developed by interscience, allows the automatic plating of your sample on a Petri dish in only 25 seconds with a decreasing concentration (counting range: from 100 to 1x107 CFU/mL). A completely new architecture with a revolutionary rotating arm allows a full cycle in 25 seconds (disinfection, sample-taking and plating). All the liquid flows are visible. No exterior maintenance is needed. easySpiral® is equipped with an innovative unique stylus cleaning device, which guarantees a perfect cleaning and...

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easySpiral® ensures fast sample platings with 99.5% repeatability and reproducibility, and reliable analyses by harmonizing the work of the whole lab team. Cleaning liquid sensor Alarm when the bottle is empty Rotating arm architecture Automatic full cycle: 25 seconds PATENTED Modular Petri dish stand Switch from 90 to 150 mm Petri dishes Intuitive control panel Easy to use No training needed Monthly cleaning 1 button to access the intensive, periodic cleaning cycle (10 mn approx.) FDA BAM Bacteriological Analytical Manual 30 chemin du Bois des Arpents 78860 St Nom FRANCE - T: +33 (0)1 34...

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easySpiral® technology Delivering the fastest cycle time ever, easySpiral® has an impressive rotating arm architecture, new patented disinfection system avoiding risks of cross-contamination and full traceability of the operations with a counting range from 100 to 1x107 CFU/mL on 1 Petri dish. The fastest Spiral® plater: only 25 seconds for a full cycle! • 25 seconds for a full cycle (disinfection, sample-taking and plating) • Rotating arm with high speed movement • Patented electronic robot system • 10 Petri dishes plated in less than 2 mn (with the same sample) Overflow technology* sample...

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Plate & Count System + dataLink™ Plate & Count System® + dataLinkTM offer quick and reliable results from automatic plating to colony counting with total traceability. GREAT SAVINGS: Up to 75 % savings in time, consumables and space QUICK: Full plating cycle in 25 seconds and counting in 1 click. No need of manual data input as the Scan® colony counter retrieves it and adjusts automatically. RELIABLE: Repeatable and reproducible results up to 98 % FULL TRACEABILITY WITH Automatic saving of data and results easySpiral Pro® and Scan® 4000 How does it work ? STEP 1 Plate with easySpiral Pro®....

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Syringe capacity Preset deposited volume Counting range Plating time (50 µL - disinfection + plating) Overflow technology • Microbiological analyses • Food quality control • Bacterial cinetics Disinfectant autonomy (in normal mode) Distilled water autonomy (in normal mode) Successive plating capacity with the same sample • Challenge test: cosmetics control Automatic disinfection program • Pharmaceutical control Exponential deposition mode Circle deposition mode Constant deposition mode Excel™ export traceability Programmable deposited volume (via USB) Power supply Delivered with: 1 blue dye...

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