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JumboGravimat® - 1

JumboGravimat Large capacity gravimetric dilutor for solid samples The optimal solution for large volumes dilutions

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JumboGravimat® - 2

High performance and traceability JumboGravimat® is a gravimétrie dilutor for the dilution of samples up to 5000 g. It is greatly appreciated by labs doing E. Coli 0157:H7 analyses, trichinella, salmonella, child milk powder, chocolaté, sterility, Cryptosporidium and Giardia para- sites, sample pooling (e.g. : 15 samples of 25 g to reach 375 g) tests. Efficiency Sterility guaranteed Adapted to big volumes 375 g diluted to 1/1 Oth in 85 s Tubing is autoclavable 5000 g maximum charge 225 ml_ distributed in 8 s and removable without tools . JumboGravimat® large bag opener / / LIMS, printer,...

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JumboGravimat® - 3

Advanced features: Fully autoclavable tubings specially designed for labs Diluent flow Maximum flow Deceleration Flow slowed at the end of distribution Final adjustment if necessary The tubing easily connects to a media preparator or a bottle. The system is fully secure from storage to distribution. The tubing is fully autoclavable and removable without tools. Our dilutors are equipped with a high-tech ow regulator. If necessary, the ow is slowed down towards the end of the dispensing and then automatically adjusted for an accuracy over 99%. JumboLine® e s d trademarks by interscienc ce &...

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JumboGravimat® - 4

Trocar for broth bags For easy connection of the tubings with broth bags Sales unit Sales unit Sales unit JumboGravimat ® delivered with 1 or 2 pumps, 1 booster kit for each pump head, 2 tubings Ø 6.4 mm per pump head, 1 unit 5L autoclavable bottle, 1 BagOpen® 400, 1 BagOpen® JumboGravimat®, 1 round weighing platform, user's manual, quick user guide, power cord, free samples of 3500 mL blender bags. JumboGravimat ® Reference Ultra quick tare (< 1 s) Language Maximum weight Power Dimensions (w x d x h) Weight Dilution time for 25 g sample diluted to 1/10th Dilution time for 375 g sample...

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