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The real-time revolution! - 1

ScanStation Real-time incubator and colony counter

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The real-time revolution! - 2

Over 35 years of microbiology expertise World leader in automatic colony counters Made in France in our R&D center & manufacturing plant

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The real-time revolution! - 3

1 incubator 100 Petri dishes capacity + 1 robotic arm transfers the Petri dishes + 1 automatic colony counter ultra-HD ScanStation® is a real-time incubator and colony counting station centralizing incubation, detection and counting of 100 Petri dishes simultaneously. Principle 100 Petri dishes are counted every 30 minutes throughout the process. Colonies are detected & counted as soon as they appear. Incubation time: FIRST RESULTS Results in 1/3 of the time of a traditional analysis: 8 h instead of 24 h. faster 100 Petri dishes are processed simultaneously: colony counting is done...

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The real-time revolution! - 4

A revolutio Rotating Petri carousel Record-breaking capacity of 100 Petri dishes (0 90 mm) Insulated panoramic window Easy process monitoring Thermoregulated incubator Peltier module ± 1 °C refrigerated incubator No compressor Storage unit For computer, UPS, accessories Easy installation Simply plug in the 100-240V~ power cord.

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The real-time revolution! - 5

nary design High speed robotic arm Automated plate handling from incubation to counting Real-time bacterial growth Touch screen with real-time video of the process 24/7 operation Ultra-HD camera Reflection free LED lighting 5 megapixel CCD sensor Pressure-sensitive gripper Automatically adapts to right-side up or upside down Petri dishes. No settings

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The real-time revolution! - 6

Real-time bacterial growth 350 78 CFU Total incubation time (24 h) First results Anticipated results Automation of colony counting during incubation saves time and allows earlier release of production batches. 6 Real-time control Discover bacterial growth hour by hour and see the video during and after incubation with zoom, pause and replay features…

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The real-time revolution! - 7

Incubation time Zoom Zoom directly on the image to check the state of the colonies and closely study their development. Full traceability Data is archived and available throughout incubation up to final validation of the results.

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The real-time revolution! - 8

Innovative features Robotic architecture The incubator includes a robotic architecture with a 100 Petri dish carousel, an ultra rigid robotic arm for more accuracy and durability and an ultra-HD automatic colony counter. Pressure-sensitive gripper This high precision gripper fits to the Petri dishes rightside up or upside down, grabs them from the carousel and moves them to the image capture zone every 30 minutes. Laminated Laminated and temperature Laminated a d tempe atur temperature regulated flow regu ated flow regulated Peltier Pe ier eltie mo ule odu es modules Incubator with Peltier...

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The real-time revolution! - 9

PATENTS PENDING Ultra HD image With white LED lighting and 5 million pixels, the ultra HD camera enables accurate counting and detection of the colonies from their early development. Touch screen interface Makes it easier to navigate through the software and gives real time access to the Petri dish data. Multi-batch The loading of Petri dishes can be done at the beginning or during the incubation. Petri dish batches can be added at any point during the process.

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The real-time revolution! - 10

Ground-breaking benefits Sooner Colonies are detected as the incubation starts, at an early stage of their development. Results are accurately estimated 3 times earlier than a traditional process and then validated at the end of the process.The full process is video- recorded. This allows anticipated results and a faster production workflow. Faster ScanStation® is the first equipment that centralizes incubation and real time colony counting. Automation of the routine steps of the analyses, with automatic colony counting, allows reproducible and reliable results. Data, including film and...

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The real-time revolution! - 11

Delivered with : computer with preset software, keyboard and mouse, user's manual. Certified production Stand for screen and keyboard For great ergonomics Ref 439 110 Storage furniture Storage of the computer and accessories Ref 439 120 Uninterrupted power supply In case of power cut Ref 439 140

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The real-time revolution! - 12

DESIGN OBSERVER LABEL INNOVATIVE COMPANIES AWARD WINNER (Productivity / R.O.I category) FORUM LABO exhibition 2017 FORUM LABO exhibition 2017 Available soon… Your distributor 3 0, c h e m i n du Bois d e s A r p e nts - 78 8 6 0 S t N o m - FR A NCE T: +33 (0)1 34 62 62 61 - F: +33 (0)1 34 62 43 03 - Email: USA & CANADA 32 Cu m m in g s Pa r k - Wo b u r n, M A 018 01 - USA P: +1 781 937 0007 - F: +1 781 937 0017 - Email: CHINA 上海市徐汇区吴 兴路277号锦都大 厦5 8 8室 - 20 0 0 3 0 电话: +86 (0)21-64739390 - +86 189 3097 0733 - 邮址:

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