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Comfort and technology Scan® 100 is a high-tech colony counter remarkable for its user-friendly functions and great ergonomics, which allow accurate colony counting on all media used in microbiology (Petri dishes, PetrifilmTM, filtration membrane). A LED lighting system gives a contrasting and clear view of the colonies. The integrated USB port allows easy export of the results to the software of your choice (PC and Mac) to guarantee traceability of the results. Adjustable white LED lighting • Easy adjustment of the lighting with the "Lighting" button • The operator has a clear vision with...

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Dark Field technology: accurate lighting for your analyses Scan® 100 is equipped with a new long-lasting white LED lighting system. The lights are arranged in a circle to provide perfect contrast of the colonies. Ordinary neon lighting counter Lighting with standard neon: the yellowish light spreads itself in the agar and the colonies. Lighting is uneven and contrast is imperfect. The colonies are difficult to count. The operator is hindered by the lighting. Scan® 100: LED lighting system Dark Field technology: with indirect lighting, the light does not diffuse itself, the contrast is...

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Technical specifications Scan® 100 Petri dish size Made from Stainless steel - neoprene cell Digital, multi-function Via USB for transfer to any software without prior installation - White background plate - 90 mm dish adapter Delivered accessories - Power cord - USB cable Adjustable lighting Counting zone Touch surface: adjustable sensitivity Built-in storage rack for accessories Manufactured in compliance with Also available > Automatic colony counter > Automatic colony counter / > High resolution automatic colony Inhibition zone reader Ref. 436 300 Discover our complete range for...

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