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INVACARE BARIATRIC PRODUCTS The commitment to serve the unique needs of bariatric patients

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INVACARE BARIATRIC PRODUCTS As Invacare cares about every patient, a bariatric range has been developed to help people whose weight and height require the use of a bariatric model live better. These products and other carefully selected products among our products ranges provide high quality and comfort. They also demonstrate our commitment to this product category.

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Rugged, robust and reliable: The Invacare® Comet ® family is packed with features that enable a safe, fast and enjoyable drive. Reliability remains the hallmark of these secure and speedy scooters. Whether stocking up at the supermarket or challenging its outdoor performance, you can rely on the Comet family to get you where you want to go, quickly, in comfort and with peace of mind. By combining rugged outdoor capabilities with ergonomics and good looks, the Invacare Comet family is a stellar solution for your transportation needs. Invacare® Comet® Invacare® Comet® Alpine...

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Much more than just a larger power chair! The new stylish Invacare® Storm®4 Max is designed specifically for the needs of clients with a larger bodyshape. Its longer chassis supports the shifted centre of bodymass for improved weight distribution and swift mobility. Extra strong arm- and legrest support the clients needs to push themselves back to re-position or do some type of pressure relief. The G-Trac® option is also available, realizing the ultimate driving performance and traction control. Get more than mobility Enjoy the outdoor experience The new Invacare® TDX® SP is a...

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Powered wheelchairs The comfortable push and brake aid for wheelchairs The Alber viamobil is the high-performance push and brake aid for wheelchairs that sets standards in power and versatility. Uphill and downhill slopes of up to 18% are thus simply and safely managed without great exertion on the part of the operator. The powerful motor of the viamobil is strong enough to push wheelchair users with a bodyweight of up to 160 kg. viamobil fits almost any wheelchair and is not only simple to operate, but thanks to its patented safety switch also makes walking with the wheelchair considerably...

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Invacare® Rea® Focus® 150 Heavy Duty BenNG Simple, practical and modular The Invacare® Heavy Duty BenNG combines a reliable and proven construction with a modular concept that will allow you to change the propulsion type within a few minutes. The lightweight frame, backrest and legrests fold away easily to make the chair very compact for storage or transportation. The heavy duty version is ideal for people weighing up to 160 kg, in both self-propulsion and transit versions. Stability, rigidity and mobility: Be active! The new Invacare XLT Max is a bariatric, rigid active wheelchair ideal...

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Manual wheelchairs A tailor-made solution The Rea® Azalea® Max is a new passive (with tilt and recline) manual wheelchair for bariatric users. The Azalea Max is designed to meet the specific needs of disabled users with extra weight. The Rea Azalea Max is a complementary addition to the existing Azalea family from Invacare®. Thanks to the introduction of Azalea Max, dealers seeking a truly complete range of passive wheelchairs need look no further. Strength and comfort The Invacare® Topaz wheelchair is designed specifically to suit the unique needs of bariatric patients. The Topaz combines...

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Where stability meets style! A comfortable, foldable, lightweight wheelchair, the Invacare® Action®4NG HD is ideally suited for everyday use and is designed to upload a user weight of maximum 160 kg. A key feature of this next-generation model is the innovative Invacare hallmark of cross-compatibility; a shared platform with other models in the ActionNG family as well as other wheelchairs in our range means that users and advisors can easily update or refurbish their wheelchairs and enjoy maximum opportunities for modularity and personalised adjustment. Manual wheelchairs

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Matrx Heavy Duty PB Back The Invacare® Matrx Heavy Duty PB back is designed to offer comfortable support and positioning for bariatric users. The back is designed with 12.5cm of lateral contour for midline support .The Heavy Duty Easy Set hardware provides 40° of angle, and 10cm of depth adjustment, and is quick release for ease of removal and portability of the backrest. The maximum weight limit is 227kg, widths are available from 51cm to 76cm, in 41cm and 51cm heights. Invacare® Matrx Heavy Duty Deep PB Back Matrx Heavy Duty PB Deep Back The Invacare® Matrx Heavy Duty Deep PB Back offers...

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Matrx Flo-tech Contour ® Designed for comfort and improved posture The surface of the Invacare® Matrx Flo-tech® Contour cushion is contoured into sections. This unique design improves posture and increases the support surface area, effectively dissipating weight away from specific pressure points. The combination of improved posture and increased support surface area will contribute significantly to pressure ulcer prevention. This deep cushion is suitable for bariatric users weighing maximum 191 kg and is available in seat widths up to 600 mm. Matrx Flo-tech Plus ® Deep contoured cushion...

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* Patent Pending Static dynamic antidecubitus mattress The unique* design of the Invacare® Softform Premier Active 2 features an alternating air insert beneath the castellated foam insert of the Softform Premier mattress. The mattress retains its properties as a high risk static mattress, but should a patient require stepping up to a dynamic surface, then a discreet pump can be fitted to the air insert, transforming the mattress into an alternating surface delivering additional levels of pressure relief. There is no requirement to move the patient, thereby minimising any discomfort....

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Optimal positioning and ease of application Taller, wider, bigger… The popular Invacare® ScanBed™ 755 is now available in wider variants of 1050 mm and 1200 mm, providing even more comfort for taller or bigger clients (weights of 200 kg). These wider models provide extra space and comfort for larger clients and plenty of room to turn. The ScanBed 755 Wide has been engineered with an improved auto regression system to offer total comfort. The bed also provides an optimal seating position and is designed to reduce shear and friction. The ScanBed 755 Wide is attractive and modern; the...

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