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E-Motion - 3

EASIER TO MOVE The concept of the e-motion is ingeniously simple: You can combine the e-motion drive wheels with almost any standard wheelchair using two adapters. While moving, sensors built into the push rims measure your drive movement and provide you with the desired motor power. So this allows you to move, steer and brake your wheelchair with very little power. With a weight of only The e -motion fits any standard wheelchair: simply exchange the wheels 7.8 kg per drive wheel, the e-motion is one of the lightest active add-on drives available.

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E-Motion - 5

BE INDEPENDENT AND STAY MOBILE The e-motion gives you the extra thrust you need to master each day, but also the extraordinary things in life on your own and without help. With a support speed of up to 8.5 km/h*, you will move along really well. Thanks to the built-in lithium-ion batteries, the e-motion has a range of up to 25 km. So you do not have to worry about recharging in between and can enjoy your independence to the full. Lithium -ion batteries for maximum range and long service life *6 km/h in the standard version. 8.5 km/h with Mobility Plus Package. More information on page 16....

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E-Motion - 7

CONQUER FREE SPACES No matter whether longer distances, slopes or a few kilos more in your luggage: the e-motion supports you in every situation, even when braking downhill. This is ensured by its highly efficient and pleasantly noiseless electric motors. With e-motion you expand your radius of action, keep moving and train your vital functions. At the same time you permanently protect your muscles and joints from overwork. This way you will always reach your goal relaxed and still be active!

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E-Motion - 8

RELAXED THROUGH THE DAY The light weight e - motion drive wheels can be easily removed from the wheelchair with a single hand movement and fits in just about every car boot.

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E-Motion - 9

THE IDEAL COMPANION FOR EVERYDAY LIFE Whether at work, shopping or in leisure time: the e-motion is extremely manoeuvrable and is as easy to move as a manual wheelchair in any situation. The e-motion wheels can be removed from the wheelchair in a single movement and loaded into any boot. The manual wheelchair wheels can usually be used with the same wheelchair. The e-motion is always with you when you're travelling, and you can even take it on board a plane. Quick and easy: The e-motion wheels can Everything under control: On/Off switch Light and discreet: the pre-assembled be attached and...

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E-Motion - 11

EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL THANKS TO ERGONOMICCONTROL-SYSTEM (ECS) With the optionally available ECS remote control, you can switch the e-motion on and off comfortably from your seat and switch between two different assistance levels for indoor and outdoor use. A special learning mode is also available for inexperienced drivers, which gently introduces you to the handling of the e-motion thanks to its particularly smooth handling. If required, you can also use the ECS remote control to activate the patented roll-back delay of the e-motion. It automatically holds you on the spot for 5 seconds...

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E-Motion - 13

INDIVIDUALLY ADAPTABLE The e-motion is flexible: it is compatible with a wide variety of wheelchair models and can be adapted to your individual needs. The thrust support can be adjusted independently on both drive wheels. So more or less strength in one arm is not a problem. Your specialist dealer or therapist also has the option of making further adjustments to your e-motion so that it is optimally adapted to your driving style. The e-motion is available in three wheel sizes and can be equipped with ergonomic push rims on request. This ensures optimum grip in every driving situation....

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E-Motion - 14

THE E-MOTION MOBILITY APP: SMART HELPER WHEN ON THE ROAD Smartphones have become an integral part of our everyday lives. It goes without saying that e-motion also makes full use of the benefits of this technology. The free e-motion Mobility App provides you with several preset driving profiles: Standard: lively but balanced handling for everyone. Sensitive: for persons with limited hand function and/or relatively low arm strength, who need a high degree of power assistance while driving. Soft: for rather untrained persons who prefer a passive driving style. Active: for people with full hand...

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E-Motion - 15

With Cruise Mode you have your hands free for the more beautiful things in life. More information can be found on the next page.

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E-Motion - 16

MOBILITY PLUS PACKAGE: CLEVER ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS FOR WHEN YOU ARE ON THE ROAD Have both hands free when driving in a wheelchair or an extra dose of speed if you want to go faster! With the Mobility Plus Package you can activate a variety of clever additional functions in the Mobility App. This gives you even more from your e-motion! ^iTM°B|L|TY plus VC/PACKAGE DOWNLOAD THE COMPLETE MOBILITY PLUS PACKAGE TO YOUR SMARTPHONE! € 329.99 incl. VAT. You save € 59.95 compared to the purchase of the individual functions. Available from the Play Store or App Store.

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E-Motion - 17

- Increase the maximum support - Remote control of the unoccupied speed of your e-motion from wheelchair via your smartphone, 6 km/h to 8.5 km/h and get to your destination faster e.g. for "parking" - Control either via integrated tilt sensor of the smartphone or virtual ECS - se the ECS remote control U functions on your smartphone - hanging assistance levels C (1, 2 & learning mode) - Activating the rollback delay joystick in the App Price: € 99.99 incl. VAT. Price: € 39.99 incl. VAT. CRUISE - I eal for longer rides on the straight d and level, pushing a shopping trolley or travel trolley...

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E-Motion - 19

TECHNICAL DATA Weight per wheel Support speed Max. 6 km/h (with Mobility Plus Package max. 8.5 km/h) Maximum user weight Maximum total weight Maximum climbing capability Depending on the wheelchair used Available wheel sizes Accessories available* * Further accessories at www. alber.de Mobility Plus Package, ECS remote control, magnetic holder for ECS remote control for wheelchair mounting, Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres, puncture-proof tyres 1" solid PU or 1 3/8" with tyre cover and PU insert, push rims with coating, ergonomic push rims Curve L and Quadro, spoke cover with and without...

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