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Fully-automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzers up to 180 tests/hour Clinical Chemistry Solutions CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR LAB

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www.logotech-ise.com for news and updates

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Clinical Chemistry Solutions CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR LAB Established in 1992 and based in Rome, Italy, I.S.E. is a dynamic company specialized in development and manufacturing of Clinical Chemistry Analyzers and Reagents. All our analyzers are developed and manufactured in I.S.E. \ following strictly the European regulations. After thousands of solutions installed worldwide I.S.E. is committed to provide to our customers smart high quality clinical chemistry systems and our stable liquid reagents line. Ease of use, combined with minimal operating requirements makes ISE clinical...

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PURE RANDOME ACCESS Miura One is a small yet smart random access fully automated analyzer. Miura One is designed to meet the requests of labs, doctor offices, clinics and veterinary labs. 2 different reagents/samples configuration. 19 reagents on board with 50ml R1 vials and/or 20ml R2 vials plus 9 samples plus diluent. 19 reagents on board with 35ml vials and/or 15ml R2 vials plus 15 samples plus diluent. Integrated ISE module for Na+, K+, Li+, Cl- in serum, plasma and diluted urine. Integrated washing station. Integrated level and shock sensor for samples and reagents. Integrated positive...

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TECH SPECS ■ Up to 180 photometric tests per hour. ■ Analytical methods: end point mono or bichromatic, fixed time, kinetic, differential sample blank. plasma and diluted urine. ■ 19 parameters on line plus diluent ■ 19 parameters on line plus diluent ■ Mono, double, triple reagents method. ■ Automatic dilution of the samples. ■ Calibration with linear/non linear curves up to 8 points, auto dilution of the calibration curve (linear regression, linear piece-wise, cubic spline, polynomial). ■ Control menu with Levy-Jennings plot. ■ Bar-code reader integrated for samples ■ Arm eguipped with...

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The Miura family wants to simplify your routine work. I.S.E. Group offers a complete CE marked reagent panel (mono or bi-reagent) ready to use. Positive identification of reagents gives the end user the assurance to work without compromises on quality. Twenty-eight parameters for enzymes and substrates, with application on serum, plasma and urine, based on the most advanced research in clinical chemistry following international recommendations (IFCC). Twenty-eight parameters for specific protein, with application on serum, plasma and urine, standardized with 5-point calibration curve.

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1AKES YOUR LIFE EASIER IN THE LAE Miura Family software, developed by I.S.E. Group, is based on Windows9 operating system. A user friendly interface assists the operator and simplifies the daily routine work. Real time check of liquid levels. Real time check of patient results. QC with Levy-Jennings plot on three levels. Graphic representation of work session. Easy trainings mean reduced service costs. WorkList Results Chemistry Status Memory files System config. I5E module conf, Show Alerts Extra procedures Reagent text

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Company Contacts Function Office Phone Daniele Spadaccioli Marco Spadaccioli Sales and Marketing Director Gianfranco Grifoni Production Director Alessandro Ballini Service Department Claudio Ruggeri R&D SW Developer Leonardo Nocera Claudia Piattellini Purchase Department Melinda Ugrenic Customer Care

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Guidonia Montecelio Legal site: Customer Care Center: e-mail: info@logotech-ise.com Technical service: e-mail: service@logotech-ise.com Sales and Marketing office: e-mail: sales@logotech-ise.com Order handling and logistics: All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. Specifications are subject to change without notice

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