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■ Up to 500 tests per hour with ISE, Up to 300 photometric tests / hour. ■ Analytical methods: end point mono or bichromatic, fixed time, kinetic, differential sample blank, ■ Integrated ISE module for: Na+, K+, Li+, CI- in serum, plasma and diluted urine. ■ 48 parameters on line plus diluent ■ Mono, double, triple reagents method. ■ Automatic auto dilution of the samples. ■ Calibration with linear/non linear curves up to 8 points, auto dilution of the calibration curve (linear regression, linear piece-wise, cubic spline, polynomial). ■ Control menu with Levy-Jennings plot. ■ Bar-code reader integrated for samples and reagents (optional). ■ Arm equipped with liquid level detector (capacitive) ■ High Precision Micro-metering pump to dispense reagents and samples (no syringe). ■ Reagent volume: 1+400 microliters. ■ Sample volume: 1+300 microliters. ■ Typical reaction volume: 200 microliters. ■ Wavelengths on-board: 8 from 340nm to 700nm plus one free position. ■ Light source: Long life halogen lamp (2000 hours). ■ Reading cuvette: 80 on-board re-washable ■ Cuvette washing: automatic washing station. ■ Water consumption: 3/4 liters per hour. All in one touch screen computer. ■ Operative system: Windows© 7. ■ Bench top version Dimensions: 114x75x60 cm. ■ Floor stand version Dimensions: 190x77x132

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