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Newborn Mobile Warming Swaddling Blanket OUR NEWBORN WARMING TECHNOLOGY A newborn baby can have d�ff�culty protect�ng �ts' core body temperature as the�r bod�es and �nternal organs are not yet fully developed. Neonates and espec�ally premature bab�es must be well warmed up to protect the�r core body temperature and avo�d hypotherm�a afterb�rth Hypotherm�a �s a ser�ous health problem that threatens the l�fe ofthe newborn baby, s�nce they cannot prov�de temperature control after b�rth. Cold env�ronments, del�very rooms/operat�ng rooms and transport cond�t�ons cause a qu�ck decrease �n the body temperature of the newborn. Preterm low we�ght �nfants and unhealthy newborns are at greater r�sk of develop�ng hypotherm�a than normal ones, due to some features such as large body surface area for we�ght, low fat level, th�n sk�n and �nab�l�ty to sweat. Newborns also lose body heat qu�ckly dur�ng operat�ons. Therefore, bab�es at r�sk need to ma�nta�n the�r body temperature after b�rth and dur�ng transports. Newborn mob�le swaddl�ng blanket w�th heat�ng system; PreThermo �s des�gned to prevent the development of hypotherm�a �n �nfants. Our Pat�ent Warm�ng Systems �nclude all electron�c �nnovat�ons made by our company's eng�neers w�th the latest technology of carbon-f�ber and m�croprocessors. The t�me to reach the set temperature takes about 5-7 m�nutes, w�th ±0,1 degree adjustment up to 39C°. W�th sk�n probe, body temperature can be mon�tored. Battery prov�des up to 4 hours of mob�le use dur�ng transfers. Our newborn swaddl�ng blanket prov�des a comfortable and safe heat�ng env�ronment by wrapp�ng the whole body of the baby w�th �ts structure equ�pped w�th a sens�t�ve sensor system. Where to use PreThermo?: • When the baby �s born, dur�ng the transfer of the baby from the del�very room to the neonatal �ntens�ve care un�t, Assoc.Prof.Seda ÇAĞLAR • Dur�ng newborn operat�ons and post-op wake up, • Dur�ng the transfer of the baby to other un�ts �n the hosp�tal, • Dur�ng transfers between d�fferent hosp�tals, Our Advantages Qu�ck Warm�ng Transport Opt�on w�th Battery H�gh Level Safety Comfortable & Easy to Use Easy to Clean Reusable and D�sposable covers S�lent & L�ghtwe�ght Mon�tor�ng Body Temperature Low voltage for safety -9 volt 3 d�fferent s�zes • W�th b�rths �n rural areas and where the weather cond�t�ons are cold, dur�ng the transfer of the baby to the hosp�tal �n the reg�ons, • Mother breastfeed�ng her baby/newborn wh�ch �s be�ng treated �n an �ncubator, • In order to prevent �nfant deaths caused by hypotherm�a dur�ng search and rescue operat�ons �n d�saster s�tuat�ons, In cold weather cond�t�ons, our swaddl�ng blanket �s also used �n the

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Newborn Mobile Warming Swaddling Blanket TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Power Input: 100 - 240 V AC - 50 HZ / 60 HZ W-100 (Control Unit): 9V DC 30VA 30° C to 39° C (90° F to 104° F) in steps of 0.1°C. High Temperature Safety Cut Off Point at 40° C (109° F) With Battery Contr W-100 Swaddling Blanket: HMG-40BK * The Blanket provides up to 4 hours of mobile use. The charging time of empty batteries is approximately 3 hours. * Our Swaddling Blanket is made of waterproof and easy-to-clean polyurethane material. We have disposable and reusable cover options. * Our products are equipped with a TWO-STAGE...

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