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Neona[e Pho[o[hera The device is produced for using in newborn and premature services of hospitals and maternity wards, its height can be adjusted. The device can be used with incubators, open bed and bassinets. Power led technology has been used. ln the led unit, 34 pieces of power led has been used Through the lenses placed on |eds, intensity of light is distributed equally to the body of patient. There are regular and intensive treatment options. Light intensity can be adjusted according to need The device does not emit infrared and ultraviolet light. The device ran be directly placed on an incubator with the help of it's suction cups and it can be used with it's own control stand. Thıough the L(D screen, treatment intensity and period can be adjusted easily. Theıe is red focus light with the purpose of centralizing the light on baby. Control stand, through its telescopic structure and lockable wheels, provides safe use. Treatment period, total operating time and usage of the lamps can be monitored fiom the L(D screen on the device. When set treatment peıiod C0mes to an end, device will be closed automatirally. The device has a fan system to avoid overheating For easy use, device's on-off switch is on the front side. LED lamp life is 20,000 hours in the use of high light intensity. LED panels can be easily replaced. Skin temperature measurement can be monitored on the screen. (0ptional) The device can be produced with colorful (TFT-LCD) screen ( 0ptional ) There is an examination lamp mounted on device The device (an measure its own light intensity

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Phototherapy Device - 2

Neonate Phototherapy DevİGe şffi ... Lightlntensİty:... Wavelength EffectiveSurfaceArea. Lamp Lifetime: 34 pieces Blue Power LED Wıdth Lenght. Height Weİght Mobile Stand Storage operatİng H Storage

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