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Handling T echnology | Big-Bag Connection JEL SafeConnect

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Short Description ■ safe, dust-tight connection of big-bags ■ suitable for big-bags with different inlet/outlet lengths | can be used for filling and discharging of big bags with and without inliner ■ available for inlet/outlet nozzles with a diameter of 250 to 400 mm ■ special sizes are available upon request Advantages no mechanic system very few wear parts easy operating and cleaning can be retrofitted to existing big-bag systems or transfer points space-saving due to compact construction expandable with modules to protect the environment, products and persons different big-bag outlet...

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The big-bag filled with bulk material is brought into the discharging station and positioned above the JEL SafeConnect system. The outlet of the big bag is put over a flexible adapter ring, put into the housing of the system and connected to it. Suitable for all usual big-bags with filling or discharging nozzle. The JEL SafeConnect system can be used in all areas of the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, plastics and similar industries. Due to the expansion of the integrated pneumatic sealing the outlet of the big-bag is fixed ensuring dust-tight connection. The outlet of the big bag is opened...

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Handling Technology | Big-Bag Connection JEL SafeConnect ■ P O. Box 210469 ■ 67004 Ludwigshafen / Germany ■ Phone: + 49 (0)621 59002-0 ■ Fax: + 49 (0)621 59002-76 ■ ■

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