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With the JEL SmartCon BS attachment system, big bags with foil liners can be easily and safely filled under containment conditions up to OEB 4. Thanks to the high degree of automation, the system is very easy to operate and operating errors and the resulting breaks in containment can be reliably prevented. The liner of the big bag to be filled is pre-attached to the docking system. The liner of the previously filled big bag can be comfortably and safely removed with the engagement connection with an endless liner system. The liner of the big bag to be filled is then automatically connected to the docking system with the pressure plate and pneumatic seals and the filling starts. After the filling has finished, the connected liner is tied up with special cable ties and separated from the docking system. The operating personnel are supported by a control system that specifies all the work steps. Similar industries 2 Continuously dust-tight filling process Intuitive control concept 4 The tied liner is easy to remove Optional leakproo

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Convincing facts Little human intervention needed thanks to the high degree of automation No operating errors thanks to the intuitive control concept Optional leakproofness test detects any damage to the foil liner before the filling The inlet can be tied up using special cable ties and pincers Generously-sized engagement connection with endless liner system Materials: Stainless steel 1.4301 (standard), silicone seals (other materials available upon request) A variety of surface treatments are available (standard: glass bead blasted) Suitable for inlet diameters 400 - 500 mm (other...

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