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Laboratory Equipment Manufacturing Programme W bulk solids processes

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About Us Future-Oriented Solutions for Process Technology due to Efficiency and Innovative Power Good Support Round the Clock J. Engelsmann AG disposes of 135 years of experience in developing and realizing solutions for process technology. Our engineers design and construct both process machines and complete plants according to the requirements specified by the customers. J. Engelsmann AG helps you to avoid or to minimize downtimes. And if it happens, we will be at hand with our quick central parts service or with our service team. Of course we do not confine ourselves to an „emergency...

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Laboratory Technology - 3

Description Jolting Volumeter Type STAV II Range of Application The apparatus serves to determine the volumes before and after tamping, the compaction as well as the tapped density according to the European Pharmacopoeia, DIN ISO 787 part 11, ISO 3953 and ASTM B 527-93. The possibility of using measuring cylinders of 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 ml opens a wide range of industrial applications for this kind of equipment. Construction The distinguishing features of the jolting volumeter STAV II in soft design are the round shape and the metallic surface. The main parts of the STAV II...

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Laboratory Technology - 4

Description Drum Hoop Mixer Type RRM Mini-II Short Description speed: infinitely adjustable 5 - 40 rmp modern soft design noise level according to DIN 45635: 70 dB(A) easy handling The drum hoop mixer is designed for a filling degree of 40% to 70% and a maximum product weight of 5 kg. application-oriented control unit easy cleaning possible use of different mixing containers easy exchanging of mixing containers standard voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz (special voltage is possible upon request) net weight: approx. 9 kg dimensions: approx. 280 x 350 x 350 mm adapter for using a 2 l drum

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Laboratory Technology - 5

Operation The diagonal insertion of mixing containers in the drum hoop causes a tumbling movement during mixing. The arrangement of the container walls and the rotation of the drum ensure uniform threedimensional mixing of the product. Range of Application The instrument is used for mixing powdery to granular products. It can also be applied for dyeing plastics, for mixing solid and liquid media and/or for similar duties. Construction The distinguishing features of the drum hoop mixer Mini-II in soft design are the round shape and the metallic surface. The main parts of the Mini-II are a...

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Laboratory Technology - 6

Description Test Screening Machine Type JEL 200-II Operation This analysis screening machine works according to the horizontal screening principle with horizontal vibrations. The speed and length of stroke have been optimized based on decades of experience. Tens of thousands of Engelsmann screening machines working according to this largely unchanged principle are presently used in laboratories of the industrialized countries. Range of Application The unit serves to analyse dry powdery to coarse-grained materials. By using sieves with different mesh sizes or openings it is possible to...

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Laboratory Technology - 7

Description Automatic Pigment Muller Type JEL 25/53 Short Description This apparatus is used for grinding pasty color pigments in laboratories. The purpose of this process is to determine the consistency, density or coloring power of pigments. Test series can be carried out with product quantities of 3 to 7 g. It is also possible to test similar products under identical conditions. speed: 72 rpm net weight: approx. 80 kg dimensions: approx. 600 x 480 x 400 mm standard voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz (special voltage is possible upon request) JEL 25/53 (DS) (with water cooling system) glass plate The...

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Laboratory Equipment | Manufacturing Programme

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