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FLAME RETARDANT TEXTILES Pillow TCS Järven flame-retardant textiles are produced for extremely demanding and high risk wards. All textiles are made of a permanent flame-retardant fiber and the outer fabric is 100% Trevira CS. The flame retardancy can not be washed away. Care Instructions • Wash in 70°C • Possible to disinfect in washing machine at 85°C • Tumble dry at low temperature Fire standard Our flame retardant textiles meets the reguirements of SS 876 00 01 THE TEXTILES ARE FULLY RECYCLABLE. Flame retardant Trevira fibres are inherently flame retardant. As a result, materials made from these fibres and filament yarns are likewise permanently flame retardant. Other fibres are given an additional flame protection finish and can lose their protection as a result of wear, ageing or frequent washing. Trevira is also a good choice from an ecological viewpoint. As well as being manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, materials made from Trevira CS require no additional, environmentally damaging fire protection treatment such as that required by normally combustible materials. Flame retardant Trevira fibres and filaments are also certified to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, emitting very low levels of toxic fumes in the event of a fire compared with other materials. This is particularly important, as in a fire the danger of suffocation from smoke fumes is greater than the risk of injury from flames. Consult the instruction manual before using these products. Bromsvägen 3 | SE-891 60 Örnsköldsvik | SWEDEN Telefon: 0660 - 22 28 50 | Telefax: 0660 - 824 10 www.jarven.se | healthcare

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