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Flex Hygiene Mattress A PRESSURE RELIEVING MATTRESS PAD OUR UNIQUE SURFACE LAYER LENTEX® This mattress is equipped with Järven's unique surface layer Lentex® which is laminated directly onto the foam core. This means that it has no seams or zippers. The surface layer is available only in a fresh white colour which facilitates contamination detection on the surface of the mattress. Cleaning of the mattress is done by wiping and disinfecting the mattress surface directly. Active Membrane technology allows the mattress to breathe and reduces the risk of fluid penetration. Our unique surface layer Lentex® has been developed, alongside the foam core, to reduce the pressure against the patient and provide excellent comfort. Mattress core Mattress pad in viscoelastic polyether, volumetric weight 57 kg / m3. Warranty – Mattress core 3 years for structural fatigue of the mattress core's B value in accordance with SS 876 00 11. Warranty – Lentex 5 years for the Lentex surface adhesion. Fire standard The mattress has been tested and meets the requirements of SS 876 00 01, test method EN 597-1 & 2. User weight: 0-130 kg. Recycling The mattress and its cover are fully recyclable and should be sorted as combustible waste. No dismantling is required. Cleaning Cleaning and care instructions can be found in the directions for use. Labelling: Manufacturing year, month, week, GS1 number and placement in the bed. Bromsvägen 3 | SE-891 60 Örnsköldsvik | SWEDEN Telephone: +46 (0)660-22 28 50 | Telefax: +46 (0)660 - 824 10 www.jarven.se | healthcare@jarven.se Please read the instruction manual before using the product. The Flex Hygiene Mattress made of viscoelastic polyether and moulds according to the body temperature. The Flex Hygiene Mattress provides pressure relief and has been developed for use in the presence of pressure ulcers, back and muscle pain, insomnia, etc. The Flex Hygiene Mattress should be used in combination with a good basic mattress for optimal pressure distribution.

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