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OptiCell GENTLE - 1

OptiCell GENTLE Adapts automatically to the patient’s weight Deflates rapidly for emergency CPR use OptiTex™ cover with innovative features A pain relieving static air mattress with hygiene cover, automatic pump and interchangeable cells. OPTICELL är Järven Health Cares produktserie tryckavlastande luftmadra

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OptiCell GENTLE - 2

OptiCell Gentle is a static air mattress which is placed directly onto a bed base. It aids the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers up to and including Category 3. OptiCell Gentle has a height of 18 cm and comes with a durable OptiTex™ cover and a CPR valve for emergency situations. The mattress features interchangeable air cells situated on top of an integrated foam core. The foam core is made of highly-elastic 6 cm cold foam which has a volume weight of 35 kg/m3. The interchangeable mattress cells and waterproof cover provide a Low Air Loss function, helping to manage the...

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