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Elevation Pillow PREVENTA elevation pillow has been developed as a tool to reduce swelling and pain in the lower legs and feet. This is done to reduce the risk of compartment syndrome. Cover The pillow is available with a cover made of PU material. The cover is soft, comfortable and easy to clean. The cover is easy to remove for cleaning purposes (zipper). The elevation pillow helps positioning and provide relief for the user, in order to reduce the risk of pain and swelling. It is sometimes used in the treatment of foot and lower leg fractures. Item no. Size (LxBxH) Colour 3230 Large 91 x 34 x 25.5 cm Purple 3231 Small 52 x 24 x 14.5 cm Purple Järven Health Care recommends using the Elevation Pillow when sitting down and / or for patients who are lying down and are awake. Please read the instruction manual before using the product. Warranty 1 year for manufacturing defects. NOTE: The warranty does not apply if damage to the mattress or pillow is caused by mechanical impact from pens or other sharp objects. Recycling The elevation pillow is fully recyclable and should be sorted as combustible waste. No dismantling is required. Bromsvägen 3 | SE-891 60 Örnsköldsvik | SWEDEN Telephone: +46 (0)660-22 28 50 | Telefax: +46 (0)660 - 824 10 | healthcare@jarven

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