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Product Catalogue - 2

Järven Health Care Product Catalogue 2019 Cover Photo: Sarek Sweden by Arto Marttinen on Unsplash

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Product Catalogue - 3

There is something special about the Swedish mountain world. Stunningly beautiful, but at the same time barren and tough. For the animals that live there, unique features are required to meet its challenges. The järven, also known as a wolverine, is one of the animals that has become almost mythical owing to its survival skills and tenacity. We are called Järven Health Care as we share that tenacity. Our goal to provide the healthcare industry with high-quality effective products requires long-term work and responsiveness. When you buy one of Järven Health Care’s products, you are getting...

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Product Catalogue - 4

EMERGENCY CARE Järven CPR board A valuable aid in emergency situations SAFETY • STRENGHT • HYGIENE Järven’s strong and hygienic CPR Board is manufactured in hard plastic and has been developed in close cooperation with experienced CPR personnel. The grip-friendly handles and the soft bevelled edges give an effective and easy-to-handle board when needed. The CPR Board is easy to clean and disinfect, thereby reducing the risk of infections being spread. For standard cleaning, the use of a soap solution and water is recommended. To disinfect, use an alcohol-based surfactant cleaning a

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Product Catalogue - 5

MOLLIS PurpleBlack Pressure-relieving trolley mattress with a durable surface layer. As a patient may remain on a trolley for a long time, it is important they are comfortable and that additional complications are avoided. The Mollis PurbleBlack trolley mattress is designed to provide pressure relief and can therefore reduce the risk of the patient developing pressure ulcers. The mattress is equipped with a durable surface layer that is comfortable for the patient to lie on. The underside of the Mollis PurpleBlack slides easily onto most surfaces. Along the sides of the mattress are six...

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Product Catalogue - 6

LENTEX TECHNOLOGY HYGIENIC MATTRESSES INFECTION CONTROL NO STRIKETHROUGH ANTI-DECUBITUS WHITER THAN WHITE Our unique Lentex surface layer’s white colour makes it simple to quickly identify any contamination.This makes it easy to maintain basic hygiene routines. After all – there’s a reason why doctors have white coats. SIMPLE TO CLEAN All Lentex mattresses are quick and easy to clean – simply wipe the mattress with a soap-based cleaning agent. The mattress can be disinfected using an alcohol-based surfactant disinfectant or similar agent. Lentex – quick, clean and fresh. NO SEAMS OR ZIPS...

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Product Catalogue - 7

We believe in choice. We have therefore ensured that we have a range to suit everyone. We offer our Lentex surface layer on everything from baby mattresses through to fire-resistant mattresses for extremely demanding conditions. SOFT EUROFLEX - Anti-decubitus in three layers 2 cm super soft cold foam 23kg/m3 4 cm Flex foam 55 kg/m3 _|7 cm Waterlily foam (MDI) 53 kg/m3 WATERLILLY - Simply naturally beautiful 12 cm homogen MDI-foam 53kg/m3 COMFORT - The economic alternative 10 cm homogen cold foam 35kg/m3 EXCLUSIVE - Soft and relieves pressure 2 cm super soft cold foam 23kg/m3 9 cm polyether...

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Product Catalogue - 8

It's one thing to claim your products are good but another to provide independent tests that support it. We know that our Lentex pressure-relieving mattresses has excellent pressure distribution and we confidently present the results from pressure tests made by the independent testing institute Swerea IVF. Our top of the line Lentex mattress SonoSteam/Semi Staal systems. The air0 is a six-layer pressure-reliving mattress with a height of 20cm, specially designed to aid the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers up to and including Category 3. The carefully selected foam core layers, in...

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Product Catalogue - 9

A mattress focused on comfort and the environment. WATERLILY is a pressure-relieving hygiene mattress with a height of 12cm. The mattress core is designed to have a low environmental impact whilst still maintaining extra durability. It is made of a high-quality, highdensity foam called Waterlily (based on MDI*). Please contact Järven Health Care for information on product life span analysis. Hygiene Mattress Järven’s unique Lentex® surface layer is laminated directly onto the foam core, meaning it has no perforating seams or zips. This contributes to the water resistance properties of the...

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Product Catalogue - 10

High-quality air pressure mattresses OptiCell IQPTiTEXC PRESSURE ULCER CATEGORY2 TO 4 OPTITEX - HYGIENIC COVER AUTOMATIC AIR PRESSURE EASY-TO-USE PUMP Jarven Health Care has worked with advanced air mattresses for many years and our experience has been the basis for the next generation of air mattresses - OptiCell. With advanced features to ensure the right air pressure, plus practical features such as extra-long power cables, our goal is to simplify and improve the treatment of pressure ulcers. Contact Jarven Health Care for more information, or to book a demonstration of OptiCell.

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Product Catalogue - 11

AUTOMATIC ALTERNATING ALARM FUNCTION CPR VALVE REMOVABLE ADJUSTMENT OF OR STATIC WITH BOTH AUDIO FOR EMERGENCY INDIVIDUAL AIR PRESSURE AIR PRESSURE AND LAMP INDICATORS SITUATIONS AIR CELLS Key lock helps prevent unauthorised use. Fully automatic preset system for patients up to 250 kilograms Easy to maintain on site Silent and durable system Mattresses Optitex™ and SweCells™ WATER AIR FIRE SAFETY STRETCH HYDROSTATIC RESISTANCE PERMEABILITY STANDARDS RESISTANCE PRESSURE Fluid protection flap and waterproof ZIP Transport handles Intergrated waterproof cable holder Anti-slip underside

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Product Catalogue - 12

Our premium air pressure mattress with impressive and unique features A dynamic pressure relieving mattress with hygiene cover, automatic pump and interchangeable cells. OptiCell 4 PRO is an alternating pressure air mattress which is placed directly onto a bed base. It aids the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers up to and including category 4. OptiCell 4 PRO has a height of 20 cm and comes with a durable OptiTex cover and a CPR valve for emergency situations. The interchangeable mattress cells and the waterproof cover provide a Low Air Loss function, helping to manage the...

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