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PREVENTA SHAMPI PILLOW Give your bed an additional sitting function Increased well-being and self-esteem Eases in care situations for staff Can prevent pressure ulcers Can give relief from respiratory distress An easy-to-use product that can ease breathing in the case of shortness of breath...

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The user’s self-esteem Being able to sit on the edge of the bed is important for an individual’s self-esteem. Becoming a “prisoner” in the supine position can be debilitating and depressing. It can provide increased well-being and feel stimulating to sit on the edge of the bed and eat or read the paper without assistance. Moreover, many patients who suffer from anxiety/respiratory distress experience relief when they can sit on the edge of the bed for a moment. This could be applicable to care recipients with lung disease, such as asthma and COPD, or heart failure. The Schampi pillow also...

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