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JX4000 - 1

Motorized Gynaecology Examination Couch Flat Position Examination Position Clinical Positions Hand Grips Lithotomy Crutches nrmmicROBinL POLUDER COOT JX4000 Foldable Section with Plastic Pan

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JX4000 - 2

Technical Specifications Overakk Length* (Inclusive of foldable leg section of 490 mm) Standard Features • Motorised backrest and height adjustment • Wired handset control for patient and attendant for backrest and height adjustment • Manually operated pelvic tilt • Pair of Lithotomy crutches with cover • Integrated paper roll holder • Removable pan • Handgrips • Battery backup Electrical Specifications Power In (Operating Range) Liquid Ingress Protection Electrical Shock Protection Degree of Shock Protection Duty Cycle 100 VAC to 240 VAC 50/60 Hz, Max 5A IPX6 Class 1 Type B 10% (two...

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