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Cranial Bone Flap Fixation System Quick, Safe and Stable fixation of cranial bone flaps to cranium Simple and Easy application resulting in time and the cost savings

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Cranial - Speedy Flap System - 2

• Provide rigid flap fixation • 12,16,20mm diameter of disk cover for craniotomy gap and burr hole • Made by titanium alloy(Ti-6AL-4V ELI) • Sterile packaging for convenient use i Speedy Flap Order Guide Item

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Cranial - Speedy Flap System - 3

1 The speedy flap clamp is positioned equidistantly by inserting the lower clamp between the dura and cranium. The 16, 20mm diameter clamp is positioned for the burr hole. The 12mm diameter clamp is positioned for the craniotomy gap. 2 Replace the bone flap in its original position. The holding forceps holds the clamp in place to prevent unintentional movement. 3 The applying forceps is brought into position above the rod of Speedy Flap. The handles of applying forceps are pressed together to tighten the clamp against the cranium. Remove the Holding forceps prior to final tightening. 4...

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Cranial - Speedy Flap System - 4

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