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Real-time Interactive communication Software PRIMARY ?gS|S|A| Product service Consignment production: PRIMARY-CAGE Product * This medical device is patient-specific, customized, within the scope of the permit

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PRIRIARV SVSTEm ► As a 3D printed Patient-specific medical device, it is used to repair and reconstruct the bone defect of the 'cranial bone’, orbital margin and orbital base', 'zygomatic bone', ‘mandible', and ‘pelvic limb (ankle, foot)'. ► A patient-Specific medical device using Selective Laser Melting (SLM) 3D Printer. ► Using Ti6AI4V ELI (ASTM FI 36) which is a special characteristics biomaterial higher in biocompatibility. ► A porosityof 75%, and a connected porous structure for bone ingrowth. ► Free designed of fastening position, screw, suture site, drain holes (HemoVac). Clinical...

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