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SKIN CLOSURE STRIPS Product Introduction

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Isolation Zone Isolation Zone protects the incision by evenly spreading the stress created by patient movement Dynamic Linkage Dynamic Compression allows stress to spread out evenly on the device

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Benefits of Skin Closure Strips • Non-Invasive, Easy to Use • Rapid Closure - Similar to Staple • Strong Tensile Strength • Easy & Painless Removal • Peel-off removal • Excellent Cosmetic Outcome • No Skin Piercing • Reduced Risk of Infection • Cost Effective • Reduce operation time, no additional scar treatment • High Patient Satisfaction Common Applications Orthopedic Surgeries: Knee, Shoulder, Hip, Elbow, Foot, etc. Thoracic Surgeries Cardiac Surgeries OB/GYN, Urology

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How To Use • Apply subcutaneous sutures in the dermis to close the incision edges to a maximum gap of 2~3mm prior to applying the device • Make sure skin is clean and dry • Trim device to incision length • Stick device to incision gently and slowly. Make sure device is centered • Close incision by tightening straps • Press down evenly to ensure adhesive condition • Trim straps Precaution: • Adhesive device must not touch the device • Do not use ointment of any kind How to remove: • Begin at one end of the incision and gently peel device along the length of the incision • Do not use...

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