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Monitor Cart Registration code: SKM-A

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SKR-R06 Features and Highlights Product Introduction The adjustable fixed base can perfectly match monitors of various sizes and is suitable for data monitoring in various clinical working environments. Technical Parameters ▪▪ Dimensions W×H ▪▪ Storage frame size L×W×H ▪▪ Overall weight ▪▪ Caster design 3 inch medical grade silent wheel, pedal brake Optional Accessories ☐☐Work surface

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Saikang medical The table top and column are made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, the base is made of one-time molding all-cast aluminum material, the whole car adopts high-voltage electrostatic spraying process, and imported environmentally friendly antibacterial plastic powder is used to ensure that the product meets the medical and health requirements, and the surface is matte and non-dazzling. The table can be translated to both sides and has long screw fixing holes, which can be applied to monitors of various brands and sizes. With a height-adjustable storage basket for various...

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Saikang medical All-metal chassis, one-time cast aluminum molding, to ensure the center of gravity and level of the vehicle. 3-inch medical-grade silent wheels, all with brakes, are flexible and durable after tens of thousands of kilometers of long-term durability tests. Product video (scan / press QR code)

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Constant innovation Worldwide branches South America Branch Saikang Medical Technology, Inc W3400 Corrientes, Argentina TEL: +55 (11) 2758-0438 Rua Universal, Hollywood, São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil TEL: +55 (11) 2758-0438 East Africa Branch Saikang Medical Technology Ltd Mezzanine Floor, Taj Tower, upper hill, nairobi, Kenya TEL: +254714084806 South East Asia Branch Saikang Medical Technology Ltd Sala Thammasop Subdistrict Thawi Watthana District Bangkok Thailand TEL: +66 642741046 Uk Healthward International Limited DEPT 111, 196 High Road Wood Green, London, N22 8HH United Kingdom TEL:...

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