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Manual BED Registration code: SK-CD1 Healthier your life

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Product data sheet Back-rest adjustment Technical parameters ▪▪ External size (LxW): ▪▪ Mattress platform: ▪▪ Safe working load: ▪▪ Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg: ▪▪ Angle indicator: ▪▪ Auto-regression: ▪▪ Position line: ☐☐Utility Shelf ☐☐Trapeze Bracket/Pole Height adjustment Reverse trendelenburg Knee-rest adjustment Double auto-regression Position line Angle indicator Technical configuration ☑☑Manual Crank ☑☑5'' Covered Castors ☑☑PP side rail extra height ☑☑PP bed ends with safe lock with Φ65 bumper wheels ☑☑PP bed platform with integrated mattress retainer ☑☑IV pole 4 hooks...

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Safe working load Back-rest adjustment Knee-rest adjustment Height adjustment Reverse trendelenburg

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Saikang medical QUALITY CONTROL SAIKANG medical, as a pioneer in the field of medical furniture, always choose branded suppliers strictly to ensure the safety and reliability of raw material. SAIKANG adopt robot welding, automatic epoxy coating. efficient assembly line, dedicated operator, rigorous quality control, only to guarantee SAIKANG's commitment on quality The unique germ-free design meets hospitals' strict infection control requirment. Seamless PP head and foot board and platform ensure the instant and sufficient sterilization. Baosteel from Fortune Global 500. Panasonic Robotic...

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Saikang medical Head & Foot Board LG Chem fresh PP material, Plug in type. Equipped with the bumpers wheel, diameter 65mm, preventing collision. Tuck away side rail with buffer integrated. Integrated handle facilitates the patients to get up/off the bed. Mattress Retainer Platform integrated mattress retainer at the both sides of the back and leg section, with a boarder of 33mm height. Drainage Hooks Mobile plastic drainage hooks. Angle Indicator With bulit-in angle indicator, it clearly show back-rest and trendelenburg position. Wall bumper wheel Horizontal corner bumpers at the outermost...

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V4v5c Manual Bed SaikangMedical - 6

Constant innovation Worldwide branches South America Branch Saikang Medical Technology, Inc W3400 Corrientes, Argentina TEL: +5493794312231 Av. Senador Vergueiro, 4204 – sala 31 Rudge Ramos – São Bernardo do Campo – SP, Brazil TEL: +55 (11) 2758-0438 East Africa Branch Saikang Medical Technology Ltd Mezzanine Floor, Taj Tower, upper hill, nairobi, Kenya TEL: +254714084806 South East Asia Branch Saikang Medical Technology Ltd Sala Thammasop Subdistrict Thawi Watthana District Bangkok Thailand TEL: +66 642741046 Uk Healthward International Limited DEPT 111, 196 High Road Wood Green, London,...

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