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The pleasure of bathing and swimming for all! The pleasure of skiing for all ! The Biski Fms is a stable Sitski chair which needs one guide skiing on his own pair of ski. It is suitable for any disabled person, children or adults, even the most heavily dependent. Most of the ski slopes are adapted according to the skiing skills of the guide. Common chairlift-type facilities can be used. Thanks to its pantograph, a special system absorbing cross slopes, the guide can pilot the Biski easily through inclining the handlebar. The passenger may support the guide in curves by doing a lateral movement. ONE EQUIPMENT FOR THREE TYPES OF USE... The Sofao is an amphibian chair enabling any person with reduced mobility to access to swimming-pools and beaches and enjoy the benefits of bathing. It can be used by everyone, children or adults, inside (pools, balneotherapy, aquatic centres…) and outside (sea, lakes, beaches…). Four floaters with multiple positions allow total immersion up to the shoulders enabling the passenger to be totally autonomous once into the water. You can also relax, without transfer, because the Sofao becomes a comfortable deckchair thanks to the adjustable backrest. The Sofao has a triple function: access to bathing areas, getting into the water and immersion in total security. The Sofao is entirely foldable without any tools. You can roll it while folded and easily transport it in the trunk of a middle-size car in order take it everywhere.. t and nature Spor for aSlOlTS P R IVE R OF ADAPT NUFACTURE EATION EQUIPMENT MA AND RECR HIKING & RUNNING BATHING AT THE SEA The Sofao gets you to the seaside, beaches or lakes, on sandy or stony terrains. Enjoy a nice moment on the beach and inside the water! REEDUCATION / BALNEOTHERAPY The Sofao is also used during balneotherapy since the body is stabilized once into the water. Thus, reeducation linked to the benefits of the water can easily be practiced by healthcare professionals. BATHING & SWIMMING BATHING AT THE SWIMMING-POOL The Sofao allows the access to all types of swimming-pools: private or public, even without specialized access system. Z.I Charles Chana - 3, Rue de la Galerie - 42230 ROCHE LA MOLIERE - FRANCE Tél. : +33 (0)4 77 42 62 58 - Fax : +33 (0)4 77 37 72 79 -

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Push the limits with the Joëlette! The Joëlette is a one-wheeled all-terrain chair enabling any person with reduced mobility to participate in outdoor acti vities with the help of at least two guides. It is designed for both family outings and more intense sports and recreation. From Killimandjaro to small hiking paths, the Joëlette enables the access to the roughest terrains so far inaccessible with a classic wheelchair. Comfortable and secure, it is equipped with a cushioned seat, a foldable pair of arms mounted with armrests and an ti-slip handles, a rear handlebar with height adjuster,...

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