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SiriusWeb Web TO MONITOR YOUR TEMPERATURES VIA THE INTERNET Cold storage is becoming more subjected to external regulation. To assist you in your quality control program, JRI offers you a new all inclusive service via the internet: Sirius Web. This turn key, web based solution allows on-line access to review your system temperatures from any web connection. AN INTELLIGENT SYSTEM > Measures and monitors your cold storage chambers > Automatically records and archives all your temperature data > On-line access for review available from any PC connected to the internet > Automatic alarm alerts sent via email, sms/textmessage or phone NECESSARY TOOL FOR > Diagnostic and Reference Laboratories > Research Laboratories > Pharmacies and Clinical Laboratories > Commercial kitchens > Small and medium distribution warehouses Check your data on your iPhone AN ADVANTAGEOUS SOLUTION > Easy to implement and use > User friendly web interface > Complete solution, from recording and archiving to alarms > Automatic and constant monitoring > Economic subscription service

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SiriusWeb - 2

SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE Step 1 : Install the recorder on and records the temperature data Step 2 : Position the SiriusBox for radio transmissions and simply plug into a power outlet. The Sirius Box then transfers measured data daily through GSM/GPRS Cellular data connection to the JRI central Step 3 : Review your data and share device, thanks to secured access. In case of alarm, the recorder sends an alert message to the JRI central server via the SiriusBox and pre-set alarm notifications such as email, text message or voice message can be launched. SMS/Text message Voice Phone > Automatic...

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