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SPY RF® ReferencE - 1

Tragabilile, surveillance et metrologie JRI, Sociele par actions simplifiee an capital de 4 000 000 € Pole logistique / 2 Rue de la Voivre / PA Technoland / BP 21 / 25490 FESCHES LE CHATEL / France Siege Social: 16 Rue Louis Rameau / CS 90050 / 95872 BEZONS Cede* / Franca / APE 2651B / TVA FR 02 3S0 332 S58

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SPY RF® ReferencE - 3

I. INTRODUCTION Congratulations, you own a SPY RF RéférencE ! This device is equipped with 1 or 2 PT100 inputs. It enables you to record the temperature very accurately and to transfer wireless the recorded data by radio frequency to a PC. This device can be use as a standard. a) Equipment 1 SPY RF Référence 1 user manual 1 wall-mounting bracket 1 or 2 PT100 probe 1 connector Symbols RECYCLING : do not throw in a rubbish dump or in a domestic waste container. Comply to the regulation to throw away the device. CE MARKING :this equipment is certified to comply with the European regulation for...

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SPY RF® ReferencE - 4

Battery trap door Working LED (green) Push button Display Connectors SPY RF RéférencE recorder a) Wall-mounting bracket Recording mode Waiting mode Memory status Radio signal Overpassed thresholds indicators Non-programmed mode Complementary information Full memory. You must transfer the data to your PC. c) Low battery. You must change the battery. The SPY RF RéférencE is equipped with rapid connector which makes the installation of the probe very easy. The probe can otherwise be disconnected from the recorder to be changed or to change the recorder itself.

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SPY RF® ReferencE - 5

Connecting probes Never unscrew the sensor connector to unplug it. Pull out strongly. Installation recommendations Place the devices at ~2m high and around 30 to 40cm from the ceiling to avoid obstacles and moving persons. If possible, place the Spy RF in central position regarding the Spy RF recorders. Try to place them preferably at sight of each other . On the wall, it is preferable to them aside by using the special bracket (ref 08512) of the catalog. Place the antenna above the top the monitored unit (fridge, incubator, oven, cold rooms…),. Never place the Spy RF horizontally. If some...

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SPY RF® ReferencE - 6

When you receive it, your SPY RF is stopped. Only the time clock is active. It can neither emit nor receive anything. b) Start To start your SPY RF, please press between 5 and 10” on the button: - the 2 LEDs are on and flash at the same time - all the display segments are also on - SPY RF is now in waiting mode Remark: If you press >10’’ => no effect => remains off Waiting mode The SPY RF is ready to receive a configuration or to start a new recording session. The symbol “Halt” is on: no measures in progress. Use the pushbutton to start. d) Configuration SPY RF configuration is done from...

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SPY RF® ReferencE - 7

It displays the temperature in °C degrees, channel number, measurement unit and memory status. The green LED flashes every minute. The temperature, threshold indicator, channel number and a red LED flashes every 15 sec in case the threshold limit is overpassed. at a programmed date and time: dd / mm / yy Working LED (green): 2’’ => starting measurements Manual start Press shortly on the pushbutton Working LED (green): 2’’ => starting measurements then flashes every 1 minute It displays the temperature in °C degrees, channel number, measurement unit and memory status. The green LED flashes...

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SPY RF® ReferencE - 8

Measurement stop Depending on the configuration, the SPY RF can stop recording or not. The different options are: Rolling memory: once the memory is full, the new values replace the old ones. Full memory: the recorder stops when its memory is full. With the software: you can put the SPY RF in standby mode with Sirius when you do not use your recorder. With the pushbutton: this option is valid only if the SPY RF is configured in transport mode with a start by pushbutton. To stop your SPY RF, press between 5 and 10” on the button: - The 2 LEDs are on and then flash alternatively. - The screen...

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SPY RF® ReferencE - 9

Device set up in transportation mode: Pushbutton pressing The 2 leds are on and flash at the same time. Green led 2" = beginning of measurements Mode Off Starting measurements Pushbutton The 2 leds are on and flash at the same time = Waiting for Delayed (date & time) starting measurements The 2 LEDs are on and then flash alternatively = ending measurements Green led 10" = Top zone The 2 LEDs are on and then flash alternatively = ending measurements VI. BATTERY CHANGE When the SPY RF battery has to be replaced, the LCD screen displays the following message: DOWNLOAD THE MEMORY BEFORE...

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SPY RF® ReferencE - 10

VIII. FEATURES Measurement range Number of channels Type of input Resolution Accuracy (at +10°C > amb T°< +40°C) -50°C + 125°C -200°C + 300°C 1 or 2 1 or 2 PT100*supplied/ TOR PT100* not furnished / TOR 0.01°C 0.01°C ±0,05°C + EMT probe from-50 to +50°C ±0,09°C from -20 to +50°C ±0,1°C + EMT probe outside ±0,2°C from -50 to -20°C ±0,12°C from +50 to +125°C Recording interval 4s to 90 min 4s to 90 min Memory size 20 000 measurements 20 000 measures Operating conditions 10 to +40°C 10 to +40°C Temperature for storage -40 to + 85°C -40 to + 85°C Radio range (in free field) 1 km 1 km Radio band...

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SPY RF® ReferencE - 11

- access to new software versions and updates - on-site intervention time within 3 open days after problem identification by our experts XI. ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION JRI recommends to our customers to throw away their measuring and recording devices which are unserviceable and/or beyond repair in a way that is appropriate to environment protection. Insofar as the production of waste cannot be avoided, it is best to re-use them by proceeding with adapted recycling depending on the material used and considering the environment protection. RoHS Directive The ROHS European Directive rules and...

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