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COMBI ELEVATOR TOMO-2 Efficient easy Handling The advantages of the Elevator-2 and the integrated tube stand system of the CS 2000 are combined in the Combi Elevator-2. The central handling of the tube stand and the automatic Bucky linkage guarantees convenient operation. When leaving the Bucky travel range the tube stand uncouples automatically and re-couples to the Bucky when the tube stand is returned to the Bucky travel range. Versatile installation The tube stand rail system can be installed for right or left hand operation depending on the wall Bucky stand preference or room architectural considerations. Please refer to the diagram for dimensions of travel (see small photo below). Optimal height adjustment from 54 cm to 85 cm The table height adjustment is made by depressing the foot pedal and the safety switch on the operation handle. The table stops automatically in the predefined exposure height. The ability to adjust the table height from 54 cm to 85 cm is ideal for transferring ambulatory or casualty patients to the table, from a wheel chair or a mobile stretcher. Easy patient positioning with the effortless movement of the floating table top The table top is released by either one of the foot pedals. All locks are electro-magnetic assuring years of trouble free operation. The table top moves 60 cm to the left, 50 cm to the right and 12 cm transversally. Silent and smooth vertical travel The super silent motor with its electronic control system gives the table a soft start and stop, the effect is that the patient has little or no sensation of vertical movement. Maximum tube movement The tube stands longitudinal movement is 164 cm, 94 cm to the left, 70 cm to the right (see large photo below). The X-ray tube focus to floor distance is a minimum of 42 cm to a maximum of 198 cm. The X-ray tube rotation movement is ±120° with indexes at 0° and ±90°. Combi Elevator Tomo-2 Features a fully integrated, microprocessor controlled linear tomography. There is no obstruction fulcrum tower or any mechanical attachments to contend with. The available tomographic exposures are 40°, 30°, 20° and 8° zono-graphy each with two speed settings. The SID can be selected to any point between 100 cm and 115 cm. Tomographic layer height is adjustable in increments of 1mm from 0 mm to 240 mm. Easy Operation! The operator is guided by the display on the control panel. Coupling and uncoupling of the tomograph fulcrum bar and Bucky is no longer needed, all of this is achieved by the precision microprocessor controlled servo system. This operator friendly machine makes tomographic examination a pleasure.

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* Installation Wall Bucky Stand right hand side (optional) *** required room height for installation • Patient hand grips • Compression device • Lateral cassette holder • Tubingen patellar Positioning device Alterations to the construction and technical data are possible in the cause of technical improvement without prior notice. All rights reserved. Reproduction in any form or the use of extracts require the prior agreement of K&S Rontgenwerk Bochum.

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