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Easy operation Easy patient positioning The universal X-Ray unit Cosmos-2 provides an economical solution because it accomodates exposures on standing, seated or recumbent patients, from skull to extremities or from abdomen to chest, the Cosmos-2 does everything. A truly universal position device, an indispensable asset to any practice or radiology department. The unit can be moved and rotated smoothly with either of the ergonomically designed hand grips. The vertical and rotational movements are locked electromagnetically. The FFD (SID) movement is power driven for fast secure positioning. The angular motion of the Bucky is friction locked with a mechanical index at 0°. The Cosmos-2 is completely counterbalanced and has guide rails for smooth movement. The flexible adjustments of the Cosmos-2 facilitate positioning of the patient – standing, seated or recumbent – with the optional mobile patient table. Patient positioning possibilities are unlimited with the Cosmos-2. A truly universal solution to today´s demanding examinations. More vertical travel The extensive vertical travel of the Cosmos-2 allows exposures from the knees to the skull of a standing patient to be made. The vertical movement ranges from 42 cm (16.5’’) to 163 cm (64’’) from the floor (center horizontal beam). The rotation of the swivel arm is infinitely variable from + 135° to -35°. In addition, the Bucky can be tilted ±45°, independently of its support column. Constant alignment Even though the movement and adjustments of the Cosmos-2 are extensive, the X-ray tube and the Bucky are always centered. The permanent centering of the tube to the center of the Bucky guarantees fast and precise radiographic positioning. Excellent quality exposures The front plate has an extremely low absorbtion. The result is low radiation to the patient with high quality, high contrast and fine resolution radiographs. The Cosmos-2 accepts Bucky devices from all manufacturers. The mobile patient table as an option Together with the mobile patient table the Cosmos-2 offers all the advantages of a conventional Bucky table room. The patient table moves freely and smoothly for rapid patient positioning. The table top is specially designed using the finest radiolucent materials. Accessories for the mobile table include a comfortable radiolucent pad. While not in use for radiographic examinations the table can be used for a number of patient applications in or outside the radi

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Installation made easy floor, making installation in existing rooms clinics or a valuable addition to any hospital radiology department. Combined with the patient table, the Cosmos-2 is a universal X-ray system which can be installed in a small or confined space. • Cassette holder • Compression belt device Mobile patient table Alterations to the construction and technical data are possible in the cause of technical improvement without prior notice. All rights reserved. Reproduction in any form or the use of extracts require the prior agreement of K&S Rontgenwerk Bochum.

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