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Digital Highly Frenquency Generators for X-Ray Exposures and Digital Radiography High economical A quality product for highest requirements ț Routine diagnostics Optimum constrution Highly developed electronics complement the most up-to-date converter technology: ț Series exposure technology Digital High Frequency Generators for Radioscopy ț Digital automatic exposure control, microprocessor controlled Prefered subsystems: ț Printer for area dosage product ț Remote control for automatic organ selection ț 1-point mode: Tube voltage can be freely selected, falling load, with automatic exposure control ț Measuring system for area dosage product ț 0-point mode: organ selection with or without falling load ț High speed starter for X-Ray tubes Generator dimensions First-class product with optimal operating comfort for the follwing applications: Programmed organ parameters save time and reduce the number of repeated exposures. ț Expansion for a second X-Ray tube assembly ț Programmable exposure technique Special techniques Maximum operating comfort ț Digital image processing ț Pulsed exposure ț 2-point mode: Tube voltage and mAs product can be freely selected, with or without automatic exposure control ț Digital spot-film-technique ț Digital Subtractions-Angiography ț 3-point mode: Tube voltage, tube current and switching time can be freely selected, with or without automatic exposure control Routine diagnostics Automatic organ library HFe 401 – HFe 601 f. e. in combination with the Bucky table Automatic exposure control Series exposure technology Digital spot-filmtechnique Automatic exposure control Integrated area dosemeter Automatic organ library Automatic dose regulation Integrated area dosemeter Digital SubstractionsAngiography High speed anode module 150 Hz

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Generator - 2

Technical Data Product Range Editor HFe 401 - HFe 801 Continuous falling load kV range during exposure kV steps or in ms range during exposure in kV range during exposure in steps mA range during exposure (high current exposure) (pulsed exposure) Automatic dose regulation Imaging rate (pulse per sec.) Automatic exposure control Dose area product measure systems Mains voltage per phase Mains fuses, slow-blow Printer and PC-Interface Linevoltage, Linefrequency, Line connector Nominal power consuption For ease of access and cost effective servicing all components are mounted on printed circuit...

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