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TOPLIFT TOPLIFT Basic TOPLIFT Basic plus Innovative and cost effective Autotracking delivers maximum ease of operation Optimum workflow thanks to auto-positioning With auto-tracking, TOPLIFT Basic Plus offers great ease of operation and rapid positioning with self aligment of X-Ray Tube. All purpose and highly flexible – this is what makes the TOPLIFT Basic stand out from other products. The unique spring-balance system with EasyDrive ensures particularly smooth and effortless positioning of x-rate tubes and collimators. EasyDrive extends service life significantly and reduces maintenance intervals and down time considerably, as well as reducing operating costs. Flexible rail solutions enable flexibility in room planning in all combination of wall stands and Bucky tables in a wide variety of room conditions. ț longitudinal axis (X) ț transverse axis (Y) Manual tracking of X-Ray Tube or Bucky tray is redundant. ț vertical axis (Z) ț tube angulation (A) ț tube rotation (B) ... enables exact preliminary positioning via an external control unit (SCU). Tube tracking in combination with BS 2000 V/VK stand Ceiling yDrive as with E Tubes follow wall Bucky and centre automatically. Abb. muss noch der Fond blau wie unten TOPTLIFT at a glance ț Integrated, microprocessor-controlled layer mechanism for linear tomography ț Layer angle 40°, 30°, 20° and 8°, each with two exposure times ț SID (source image distance) adjustable between 100 cm and 115 cm ț Layer heigh can be varied from 0 – 24 cm in steps of 1 mm ț Easy user guidance via display in the control panel At least 30 programmable auto positions guarantee an optimum workflow at a high patient volume: ț TOPLIFT A with auto-positioning ț TOPLIFT T for tomography ț TOPLIFT A/T for both application areas TOPLIFT at a glance ț EasyDrive for ergonomic convenience and low operator fatigue ț Reduced operating costs ț Maximum positioning precision ț Flexible room planning ț EasyDrive for smooth and manual operation ț Automatic format size sensing (optional) ț At least 30 preferred positions programmable ț Run command via CAN-Bus ț Memory function ț RS 232 serial service interface ț Autotracking (optional) ț Automatic formatting (optional) ț Maximum positioning precision Telescopic stand Controls handle assembly Bucky tracking in combination with ELEVATOR 2 SID tracking in combination with ELEVATOR 2 Aluminium extruded cross-sections for maximum positioning stability and precision. Specially designed for ergonomic operation. The self-adjusting digital display rotates to the exposure positions. Table Bucky follows tubes and centre automatically. Tubes follow ELEVATOR table up/down at defined distance (can be set during installation).

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TOPLIFT TOPLIFT system components TOPLIFT Basic – technical data ț Tilting movement (only VK) is counterpoised and ranges from -20° to +90° The front plate can be tilted by up 20° for special exposures. ț Add-on set for digital detectors ț Bucky can travel across the floor from 380 mm to 1900 mm ț Counterpoised Bucky carrier ț For exposures of the thorax, spinal column, pelvis, skull, abdomen and extremities Bucky wall stand BS 2000 V/VK ț Patient stretch handles ț I.V. holder ț Compression Device ț Fixtures for pelvis and hip supports ț Cassette holder ț Kit for free-standing installation...

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