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Excellent Latex Free & Powderfree Surgical Gloves Surgicare Neoprene is made from Synthetic Material, which has high chemical resistance and supple properties. The gloves are Soft and Comfortable. The Physical Properties are as per ASTM and EN Standards. Superior Strength, Softness and Elasticity provides a great option for those who do not wish to use 'natural' latex. Surgicare Neoprene is made from fully synthetic latex of Polychloroprene, with high medical grade polymers, which eliminate the risks of natural latex allergy. EXCELLENT DONNING AND FIT The specially designed mould produces gloves of high comfort. Inner Polymer Coating provides smooth and easy donning of gloves. OTHER FEATURES ► 280-300 mm length ► Sterilization by EO/Gamma ► Perfect fit ensures comfort to user ► Recommended for all surgeries STANDARDS ► EN 455-1:2000, EN 455-2:2015, EN 455-3:2015, ISO 10282:2014 & ASTM D 3577:2009 ► CE Mark - MDD Class lla/PPE Cat. Ill QUALITY CONTROL ► 100% Inspected ► Factory Standard of 0.65AQL for Pinholes INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD.The trusted name the world over AN ISO 9001:2008, EN IS0 13485:2012 & IS014001:2004 CERTIFIED COMPANY LATEX FREE & POWDER FREE SURGICAL GLOVES This product is CE Certified

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PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS TYPE Powderfree Synthetic Surgical Gloves PRIMARY MATERIAL Polychloroprene (Latex-free/Synthetic Rubber) COLOUR White DESIGN Hand Specific, Curved finger. Beaded cuff. Micro rough textured. Thickness (mm) Cuff Palm Finger POWDER FREE RESIDUE STERILIZATION Ethylene Oxide / Gamma as per Customer requirement. SHELF LIFE 3 Years in original packaging if stored as per storage instructions. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Surgicare '-'Neoprene Excellent Latex Free & Powderfree Surgical Gloves

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